Monday, January 31, 2011

real fast

oh my gosh..I posted my blog and then went to read yours and I CANNOT believe that the first one on my list is from Heavenly Homemakers "How to make Tator Tots"!!!!!!!
I was craving them...bought some cheap ones with sooo many ingredients I was like OOOOHHHH my gosh but I don't do it often so I was like WHATEVER...but last night I told the kids I would Google a homemade recipe and IT CAME TO ME!!! YAY HEAVENLY HOMEMAKER!!! :) :) :)
(now I just have to read the recipe and make them :P)
I cannot believe how much drama there can be in ZUMBA.
Zumba??? really??? I wish I could talk about it on here but God forbid someone come across my blog from the ZUMBA world..:P

I can tell you things at the skating rink are looking super great. I cannot wait for there to be a line of people to come in...I cannot wait until my boss has, at least, broke even with the ZUMBA income and then my class becomes really profitable for them...
a group of dental assistants has found me :) They get off work at 4:30 and my class starts at 5...they are so excited to be able to come on over and get their workout over with and have the rest of the night ahead of them.. :)YAY!!!
I went on another ZUMBA interview last Thursday. I feel it went well. She just e-mailed me the application this morning..I hope my printer is working...the class is in the most beautiful facility that I have seen in my life.
It's also next door to my favorite grocery store WHOLE FOODS. It will give me the will power to stop in there once a week, after class. YAY!!! I shouldn't cheer yet..I haven't been offered the job yet..but I am hopeful.
I started at the gym this last Saturday..I went from one class at a dance studio..dried off on the way to the was interesting. I had to use a wireless microphone and it was a little screechy but other than that...I believe my class enjoyed themselves.
I also started a private couple job..Sunday morning at 7am. I did it yesterday and they want me back so I guess that went well also. :)

so as of right now (before I get word about this other job I really want)..I teach Tue and Thur evening..two on Sat morning and one Sunday morning. I am subbing this Thursday morning and next Monday night.
That is a lot of ZUMBA. :)
Somewhere in there I need to get the next DVD recorded..I wanted it in your hands by Valentines Day. :)

Today..all of my children, except Sophia, have school. Sophia is spending the day with me. I have errands to run but I don't know exactly what we are doing. I am sure we will go tan but other than that? Right now I am thinking NAP. :P lol

I hope you have a wonderful the rate I am going, I might not see you again until next Monday :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I had a dream last night that I was present for a well drilling. It was so amazing to see fresh water flowing from the ground for those that desperately needed it.

I had a conversation this morning with a sister/mom of mine...the one I visited in Dallas...she is the Director of a Humanity for Life is amazing to see the work she is doing...she would say the work God is doing through her..and I would have to agree. :)

She asked me how she could pray for me today..I said "I don't know..I just don't know"

I started typing "That I would rest in God's love and be okay with not having any answers"
and as I pressed SEND she said "okay..I will pray that you will peacefully listen" :):):)

yes, what she said.

that I will BE QUIET for a minute and LISTEN

I then got my coffee and my Bible and ended up in JONAH...
and read and reread and reread Jonah 2:7-9

and I am good.

There are so many things that float through my head about Mike, Me, Sophia, Alex, my mom...etc.
but I have , once again, found peace. I hope it lasts for a while...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

okay...feeling better...
I went to a ZUMBA class..
I talked with a girlfriend afterwards..
The boys have school tomorrow (weather permitting) and I have a massage scheduled...
after that I am going to tan..
I hope I don't sound shallow..
I am just feeling like spoiling myself for now...

I am having some ZUMBA issues that I don't feel like typing about right this second...
I need some marketing pointers. I think I took a marketing class in highschool..I wish I would have paid attention. :P
I am pretty sure I could not be more HO HUM than right now...I hope it is just because I am tired and I am able to snap out of it QUICK.
well,  it's 3am (and as Matchbox 20 sings..I must be lonely :P) LOL

at least I am getting ready to go to sleep and not waking up at this time :P

I got my hair highlighted today..RED. yes, red highlights and I LOOOOVE them :D

I was hoping to take a fabulous picture to show you tomorrow and I might still try but I might hide my eyes because I literally feel the bags forming ;p lol

okie dokie..I better get to bed...

Mamacita <3

Friday, January 21, 2011

it's Friday.
the waffles were pretty good.
Mike got so into making them, he ran to the local store to buy more buttermilk so we could make another batch. Then, Siler pooped a nasty, need to get in tht tub, diaper so Mike was manning both waffle makers...(we borrowed one from the neighbor to make it go faster)....
Mike and I went out Costco and WalMart. : )
we bought ginormous amounts of all purpose unbleached flour and canola nonstick spray...I should have got that big thing of yeast..I only have two little envelopes...he really liked the bread I made. and it was EEEEASY!!!!
at WalMart, we purchased the young girls something that has to do with knitting..they wanted needles but we already bought them needles and it's really hard for we got them a book and 4 round "looms" I think is what they are called??? the box is downstairs and I am super comfy right here. :)

the snow. yuk.
I was reading a friend's blog today and she mentioned how she loves bundling her children up for the snow. I wonder if her kids stay out longer than 5 minutes..I am assuming they do or she would just have to join my club of friends that don't love bundling our children for 5 minutes of play and baskets of laundry afterward. :P
(love you Sandy!)

yesterday I was keeping my kids busy so they wouldn't ask to play outside..LOL!!! then I was feeding them lunch and the neighbor texted they were heading out and challenged us to a snowball fight...I suddenly got interested in the snow....I did get the four young ones ready in record time....I personally do not have snow "gear" but I went out and met the neighbors. We were out there less than 10 minutes for sure. Their daughter was ready to go home as soon as she got here and Zach went inside, stripped, and got back to his LEGO STAR WARS on Wii, leaving his friend the neighbors left (I did invite them in for cocoa!) but I am sure they had their own laundry basket to fill of wet laundry ;p LOL!!!

The kids don't have school again today.
I am going to look up the hours for the tanning bed..I would like to run and tan first thing this morning...just for ME. I do NOT do it often but I would like to do it a little...

I don't know that Sophia is going to end up moving back in...
at this time it doesn't look that way.
but anything is possible.

(she and Alex are already "at it"...I do NOT miss "those" days :P) lol

I am going to get my hair highlighted tomorrow..I really hope it turns out FABULOUS!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I took Zach and Siler to get their haircut today at Sophia's school. They are so handsome :)
We also went to lunch with her..that was fun.
now I am home with BioFreeze on my neck...I overstretched it trying to pull my extra long an out of the parking spot at GAMESTOP where I took the boys after the haircuts because that is how I bribed them to sit still...AWFUL I KNOW! I KNOW! I KNOW!
but now Zach is contently playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii and I am IT IS WHAT IT IS :P

I am actually LOVING having my days off...

well, I got on here to answer someone's question so I better go and I am going to try homemade waffles here in a little bit so I'll let you know how they turn out..I have been soaking the flour since yesterday..I hope it's okay!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

There is a lot going on..behind the scenes over here....
Sophia is back in my life...and I really don't even need to say anymore.
I don't mean that in a mean way...
it's just when she is in my life..she brings my mom with her..

I am not going to try to explain what is going through my head right now.

so anyway...
Zach and Siler have dentist appts today :) Siler's FIRST!

I have Zumba tonight....trying to learn 2 new routines by tonight. no pressure.. :P

oh my gosh..I went to training Saturday and learned so much..I am beyond embarrassed about the DVDs I have mailed out...they will make me laugh really hard someday unless you all respect my wishes and dispose of them when you get new ones :P oh well, I was just learning..LOL!!!!

I made rice for breakfast...adding maple syrup, whipping cream and butter. MMMMM MMMMM!!!!

I am praying that Sophia is able to move in..I know it will take humbling on her part..forgiveness on her Daddy's part and patience for all. but God is Able to do ALL THINGS...

I better get on with my day..I will talk to you soon.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Alex's boyfriend told me I am the happiest person he knows...

I guess in the grand scheme of things..I am a happy person. who knew? LOL!!!!!

We ended up super chilling yesterday and then we invited some neighbors over for pizza and wine.
It was a great time...

I went to the grocery store today..I don't know that I bought anything for "meals"...

I made a loaf of bread last night..I would LOOOOVE a bread slicer! actually I am going to go GOOGLE one right now. :D

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feeling a bit overwhelmed. I know it will pass. I was gone all day yesterday and Mike did a load of laundry (all the wash,dry,fold, and put away)...he's a better domestic person than me. :P

I watched Cloudy with a chance of meatballs this morning with Siler and the other kids woke up and decided to have an I am letting them chill and watch it but as soon as it's over they are doing the basket race..boys against girls...the downstairs is filled with their "stuff"...tarn, watches, bracelets, pillows, clothes, toys...UGH!

I have a call in to the massage place..I have been putting it off long enough....I joined a yearly deal and I haven't been since ??? September??? yea, I need to catch up...I have paid for them!

okay..I am going to go..I don't know what today holds..but I am hoping for some good stuff :):):)

Just realized there is no school tomorrow :) :) :) YAY!!!! : ) :) :) I looooove no school! :) :) :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

e-mails, blogs, usernames oh my

I had a "charter" e-mail...
I switched to "g-mail"
My blog is linked to CHARTER
but back when I created a "secret blog" I used my g-mail account
so now that I am using GMAIL instead of CHARTER..I was blogging on a separate blog that you all were not getting....LOL!!! but I didn't even realize it because I just hit NEW POST and don't usually VIEW BLOG..but last night I went to VIEW BLOG and it was all black with no music, no links and 4 posts..I was like WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BLOG????? lol

sooooooooo, now I don't know what I am going to do...I guess I will just have to log into the CHARTER acct if I want to blog :P or I can just start alllllll over again..I dislike all this"changing technology" stuff!

but to update you on what I had been telling you..I had an audition and I got the job :)

I am sure there was much more than that but my head is experiencing a pounding headache and I have been gone ALL day with ZUMBA training...I learned belly dancing, the tango, flamenco, and the samba....and you are like..OOOOKKKKKKK..I know, me was a LOT of info to take in for one day which is probably why my head hurts. :p

See you all soon as long as I log into the correct blog :P LOLOLOLOL!!!!!
I don't know what I did. Well, actually I kind of do..but I's a loooooong story.

I better start the coffee

Thursday, January 13, 2011

well it is one of those 3am days...UGH PMS UGH! My eyes are burning I am ready for a nap and it's 7:21am...I need to wake children and stuff.
ZUMBA might be a little rough tonight but at least I know I (oh shoot! I WAS going to say I am off Friday but that is my audition  day!) well, shoot.

Prayerfully..I will get the girls to school and settle in for a movie for the boys and I will sleep..Sounds awful but I get this, it seems once a month when I wake up and CANNOT fall back asleep..

I did get my office...ummm, picked up and maybe manageable? lol

oh my gosh I want to sleep!

OH! I did do research on Zumba shoes...well, I looked up CHEER shoes because basically I jump and dance..and FUNNY stuff..the exact shoes I bought Alex for Christmas are the shoes I need. :P I had looked at the bottom of her shoes and thought HMMMM....and then she had ZUMBAed in them and liked them so I don't know why I didn't think to get some myself ;P (I guess because I got them for

oh my goodness...well, WORST CASE scenario...Alex gets home at 3 and I leave at 3:45ish to pick up girls before Zumba so I can get a little nap before dancing..but I hope for much more than that. :)

wishy me luck :P

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

7:26 Wednesday evening

Imagine yourself PMSing
Imagine boys wrestling
Older sisters yelling "STOP!"
One asking if she can order a book off Amazon
Another asking if she can have hot chocolate
and then your husband singing "desperado" every once in a while.
I am looking for grateful moments
Healthy children ...healthy children healthy children

I'm baaaaack

The kids are watching Baby Genius...I just threw some granola in the oven...the movie and granola should be done at the same time and then it will be time to pick Alex up from work. :) I left off at purging...last night I was trying to watch Biggest Loser and the phone kept ringing from teh Charity...I would answer and no one was there...I answered pleasantly MANY would ring like every 5 minutes...FINALLY I answered Super Grumpy and someone was there. :/  I asked "Am I on AUTO DIAL because ya'll KEEP calling me! :)" and she was like "uh uh I just need to know if your donation will be on the porch or driveway and we won't call again tonight"

so after that...and you have to know I have been looking forward to them coming since the dumpster ordeal..I have had the stuff in the front dining room.... I leave for ZUMBA this morning and I FORGOT to put it out!!!! AAAUUUGGGHHHHH! I was debating whether or not to turn around but I didn't want to chance being late ;P so I prayed "GOD PLEEEEEASE DELAY THE GUYS SO I AN PUT  MY STUFF OUT?" you have to know that the guys ALWAYS come early....
when I got home, they had not come and I happily put my stuff out :) I even did a once more through the younger ones closets and came up with one more brown grocery bag full :P

it's better than drugs..hands down. :)

ZUMBA..I have an audition Friday afternoon at a club...I am VERY VERY excited :)
My Monday class has been cancelled and my Wednesday class is very endangered because of lack of attendence. I am not worried about either of them....I just know that a few girls have told me NOOOOO! I was JUST getting ready to get back into it!!!!!! well, we'll see what happens. :)

I am searching for the right Zumba shoes. I have been wearing Rocket Dogs which have ZERO support but they have ZERO tread on the bottom so they slide really easy....but my back, neck and shoulders hurt and my friend thinks it has everything to do with my feet....I started wearing crosstraining shoes but those hurt me today....why must it be so difficult to take care of our bodies???? I think of the Africans who do those extreme dances you think their backs hurt? Are they unaware? or are we just big babies? lol

Mike has taken up a new hobby...extreme weather bike riding....he loves going in the snow...the dry snow, of course. :)

I probably have 100 pictures to share by now..I am going to try to remember how to make that album and link to it...I SOOOOOO dislike that type of stuff...I am having trouble breathing thinking about it and no I am not being silly or dramatic..I wish I had a personal assistant for that type of stuff. :)

I am not liking my office where it's too cramped..I am not organized enough to be confined to such a small space...I don't know if I want to move to the cold basement or if I want to try harder to be organized.
I do know that I don't want to be on the computer as much as I normally am.
(which is why my posts are less and less)

As always I am thinking and praying for my friends going through super rough patches in their lives...I know that everything works out one way or another...ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD FOR THOSE THAT LOVE THE LORD. :)

okay I don't have long because my girls are on their way home.
and the boys are making some really loud noises upstairs but I want to talk to you so praying they are okay :)

I have no idea what I have or have not said to you and I don't feel like going back to see so if some of this is repeat.I apologize in advance.

Personal....I am working on HOPE...and worrying ONLY about MY actions

Financially...uuummmm....we'll come back to this later :P

Cooking? Eh. I am still trying? and am soo thankful it's Wednesday :) Little Caesars Pizza Night :)
I have been flipping through my Heavenly Homemaker Cookbooks...I made meatballs yesterday...FAIL for the family..UGH! (then we ended up going to MCDONALDS last night!*GASP!* I KNOW!!!!) I have not taken the children to McDs or ate it myself in FOREVER! Man, my stomach was GUUUUURGLING!
ok, like the finances...we'll come back to cooking at another time too.

Purging :) :) :)*DING DING DING!* I looove this subject :P lol...Doing good...they came today!

Girls are here I am out of time....I will be back
I know I know!!! It's been a while..but I have to go switch the laundry before I decide to settle in and write a back :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Post 2

wow it's 7am and I am back already :P

My little "I might be lazy" speech has lit a fire under my fanny...

Dishes, Laundry, WHATEVER..Here I come! :D
I have come to the conclusion that I am , in fact, lazy.
People always say to me "you cannot be lazy with 6 children" and they have not been saying that because I have been claiming to be lazy...I have been making excuses for "why my house this" and "why my car that"and have said "I AM NOT LAZY".
I could, MAYBE, be more overwhelmed than lazy MAAAYBE

the other thing I am is a "time waster"...which MAYBE goes hand in hand with the lazy thing. that I am superpsychoanalyzing myself...

I think it is just that my priority lies with SOCIALIZING! I LOOOOVE TO SOCIALIZE!
I moved my laptop to the basement so that I would not be on it as much...I got a lot done in those days that it was down there (it is now on the main level and needs to either go back upstairs or down) I am so spoiled that I wish I had a computer upstairs AND down...(hey, at least I didn't say on all three levels :P)

I have been purging my closet AGAIN...I have clothes in there that even though I don't have a lot of clothes..I do not wear some of them...I put them on and feel uncomfortable for one reason or another...I think I honestly have 2 shirts that I feel okay in...(you are supposed to feel like a million bucks when you dress) :)

I had this wardrobe once. It was spring/summer...
I was a size 6.
it was a pair of black capris and khaki capris and denim shorts
a black cami and a white cami
a white button down short sleeve, a purple button down, and a french blue button down
I guess I had a pair of "slacks" because I wouldn't have worn the blue shirt with capris

anyway...that was my wardrobe...and I would mix and match and still loved getting dressed everyday.

I want that "type" of wardrobe again.I don't know where to go though...
I am always wanting to save $$$ so I go to the consignment store
well, I get home and end up not liking what I ended up with a couple weeks later
I had purchased long sleeve button downs...they were too if I wanted to layer something over them..the bottom would not lay right

well, could I bore you more with THIS convo??? lol

Today we are taking our children for their first roller skating lessons.

we are also going to a GOING AWAY party. :(

I haven't felt good the past couple days...(my same story..I think I am tired and I have been eating really REALLY bad)

Praying I overcome this "WHATEVER IT IS" laziness, overwhelmness, blah blah blahblah.

I have a couple girlfriends going through some pretty rotten situations....I sincerely wish I knew what to say or do.

I wish people could just be nice to each other.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It is so weird to think of my friends that are actually in Heaven...
Last night as we were celebrating Gretchen's life...she is in Heaven...
They opened the microphone for people to speak..I couldn't. I would have been tongue tied..she knows what she meant to me :D
Zachary likes the name Crystal.  He thinks it is very pretty. Just something random I found out about him on a car ride. :)

church tonight.
I hope I can stay awake this time...I totally fell asleep last week. :(

Friday, January 7, 2011


I cannot believe I haven't been here since TUESDAY!

what to say?

I know there have been 5 million ish things that have happened that I am like "I gotta tell my blog peeps" but now that I am physically sitting here I can't remember.

Alex is watching CIty of Angels right now..I have never seen it...

I am getting ready to go a Celebration of Life service for my friend, Gretchen that I was telling you about.

I have an audition Tuesday for that Gym Zumba job...

The skating rink has cancelled one of my classes...they were going to cancel both of my morning classes but I requested more time for the Wednesday class because I KNOW people are going to start coming...

I have so much more to say now that I have started talking but the girls are home and I have to back.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

ok...Zumba was AWESOME! :)

and I just got an e-mail about possibly working at a gym :D How exciting! If it works out :D and even if it doesn' fun just being employable :P lol

I better get to bed..I have Zumba at 10am :P

Have I mentioned how excited I am about 2011?
ok, that didn't take long..I love bedding :P except I didn't actually put the bedding back on the bed yet..I wanted to continue talking to you :P

I got an estimate for painting all of our cabinets...
I know this is the year to save , not spend..but I am going to "TRY" to save my Zumba checks and pay for will increase our home value because our cabinets are not awesome...but they can be :)

phone back later :P
it's 1:55 and I don't have anything mind blowing to tell you today :P
I have done an enormous amount of laundry already today (well, 3 different bedding to start)
I have scheduled YET ANOTHER donation pick up on the 12th...hopefully the LAST for a while
the dumpster is getting picked up tomorrow so last minute stuff needs to get thrown in (paint cans and maybe a couple more computer towers)

the dryer buzzed..I will be back soon..or maybe later? :P

Monday, January 3, 2011

Talk about encouraging

This letter came from Gretchen's husband

Dear Loved One,

Several weeks ago in the midst of her illness, Gretchen had a brief but very vivid dream. In it she was standing on the edge of a dance floor. Jesus walked over to her and extended his hand. She put hers in his and he led her onto the dance floor. One more step and they were in glory - together. Gretchen looked around at the beauty of it all, in rapt wonder. Then Jesus asked her, "Do you want to stay?" She immediately blurted out "Yes!" Then she caught herself and sheepishly added, "But not right now." Jesus nodded with a smile and simply escorted her back to the edge of the dance floor.  She recalled the dream to me with such amazement at how easy and natural it is to "step into eternity."

Well, at about nine this morning, she quietly and confidently took that step again, but this time for real. She stepped out of this world, now shrunk for her to the size of a queen-size bed, made special by all the love and goodness brought and mailed in to her by loving friends and family.  She walked into a world filled with colors and sounds so glorious it will take "ages" to explore them all. Even better, she was accompanied by the one Person who loves her more than I do. After all I have only known her 44 years, whereas He has known her at least 63, some might say, "since eternity past."

Strangely, I am not jealous, but joyous, for her and Him. I know that grief will come, but at least for now our sons, daughters-in-law and grandchildren who celebrated a happy Christmas with us, are still here, and we are still wrapped in her love. When we get it scheduled, we will invite you to join us for a Celebration of her Beautiful Life. Meanwhile, thank you for doing so much to make these last six months more sweet than bitter.

We love you,
Dave and Gretchen Claybrook

Sunday, January 2, 2011

weirdish day

Started off great! Did some laundry..some grocery shopping...assembled a couple super cheesy goopy for us, one for a friend...had people over for fun fun

and then...during our conversation...I was told a dear lady passed away this morning...I had started a blog about the 365 people that influenced my life...I only got to number 3 because there aren't a lot of things that truly SHAPED me..if that makes sense...
1. the man that molested me
2. the lady that practically raised me, Mrs. Crum
3. the lady that told me that God has a plan for my life and is NOT letting me go...

#3 is Gretchen Claybrook..
I pray for her husband and children and grandchildren and her best friend Margie..

after hearing the news...I continued visiting with my friends..not really being able to process what has happened...

my friends left and I called my's his birthday...
I had been e-mailing him every once in a while, suggesting that he and his wife come visit for a weekend..
I didn't think much about the fact that he wasn't replying...we all get busy..
when I called him, he informed me that his wife, my step mom...has cancer...on her brain-stem?
She is undergoing chemo and radiation? I don't know if those are two separate things???
He said he has been putting off calling me because he didn't know how to tell me and didn't want to burden me... I told him, I can PRAY!

My Dad is such a good man..he loves his wife soooo much...he told me he is taking care of her 24/7...
I told Alex the news and she said she was JUST thinking about them would be great is Alex and I could go visit for a couple days...
I don't know if it is at all possible..but we'll see

oh and on a happier note....I kid you not...remember my wish list that I wrote a couple days ago??? The knife magnet? When I went grocery shopping today, I took Mike's car..when I was unloading I found a Target bag with a knife magnet and a USB calculator to plug into my laptop for paying bills...
Mike had forgot he got them for me for Christmas. :)

First want checked off my list and an additional one that I had not even mentioned to ya'll :) This is going to be fun to watch :)

HUGS and PRAYERS to YOU and if you would..please pray for healing for Terry Sullivan's cancer and pray for the Claybrook family and friends :) Peace, Love, Joy, and Strength .

Saturday, January 1, 2011


I went to Kohl's this morning...all by myself...with $40 Kohl's cash to spend...
I tried on LOTS of clothes....LOTS!
I did find this one ADORABLE black jacket with silver buttons that I LOVED but I didn't know how much I would realistically get to wear it so I left it..
After browsing the store for TWO HOURS..looking at clothes, jewelry, house decorating stuff, bedding and who knows what else..
I left with a Food Network knife... a little grey robe with a cream fur hoodie, and a new wish list for the new year..

The knife reminded me that I want one of those magnetic strips to screw into the wall above the counters for my knives
I saw this pedicure thingy that reminded me I would love to have one of those foot roller things for my over worked achy feet
that reminded me that I would love to have one of those "S" bars to push into my tense muscles
Mike's mom made us a beautiful quilt for Christmas..I would love to get a bedskirt to match.

BUT!!!! I have to start "SAVING" and quit SPENDING so much so ...I will trust that when the time is right...the desires of my heart will be met :)

I am actually excited about the knife :) I had bought one not too long ago (A food network one) but it's a little too short for cutting oranges (which I cut a LOT!)

and the robe..I have been wanting something cozy for a I guess all in all, I did good. :)