Monday, April 23, 2012

I have been gone so long...and blogger has changed! I have no idea how to navigate through this! :P
First things first...

This is my Granddaughter Kiley at almost 3 months!!!!

I have the feeling (if anyone is reading this) that we are probably friends on Facebook and you see the abundance of pics on there..but just in case :P Isn't she Adorable?????

I woke up crying this morning because (AND THIS IS JUST TALK!) Mike and I were talking about a possibility of moving to Chicago and I cannot imagine not being able to see her as often as I do!!! and I don't think Sophia would let me take her :P

well, I could type forever but it would come out very bipolar so I am just going to stop here and say HEY!!!! :D I hope you are having a wonderful day!!!! :):):):):):)