Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's going to seem like a complaint but I am just talking.
I had all the kids get in the shower and take baths (yes, that is a big deal, it's summer..I forget to tell them to do that..I'm honest)..I was all excited that they were clean and somewhat ready for tomorrow morning. (I teach Zumba in the a.m.)
Well, the neighbor knocked on the door asking them if they can play....and I heard him say they were just playing video games so it wasn't like they were headed out to ride bikes or something....
well, as I sat down here to of them came back in and sat next to me and I think the "dog smell" is worse than BEFORE the shower. :/ but I know I KNOW!!!! who cares, they are kids, let them live, blah blah blah...give them baths and make them shower more often so it's not some huge la la....

in sweeter news..I have a precious 4 year old that just came and laid his head on my shoulder as I am typing. Oh precious, he is...( my YODA sentence :P)

This is an old picture...I was searching my pictures to put up a really recent one and Siler saw this and says "wait! Go back! Click on THAT one"

I can't really remember the story behind this was someone's birthday..maybe his? I don't know..I just remember Sophia was babysitting and I came home to this. LOL

oh shoot...I was going to add pictures from this weekend but this is not my laptop!!! DUH!
I know there is a way I can get this Picasa and my Picasa to connect but I am thinking you are probably friends with me on Facebook anyway and have seen all my beautiful children all together again. :):):):) 

Earlier this summer, I was on Focus on the Family IMOM and downloaded a page of 50 things to do this summer....Celebrate Christmas in July was number 16. :P
We are doing it.
Next Wednesday on July 25th
My family will all be together
with a Christmas Tree
a traditional turkey dinner
hot cocoa
and I am HOPING to get our "Christmas" picture :) :) :)

well, it's 9:20...time for my eyes to close :)
Good Night :).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

it's a GRAB A POPCORN long one

So there was this Radio Flyer rocking horse at "thee" Consignment shop, Thursday. I was there with Sophia, her Alex, who we call Boy Alex, and Kiley. It was $30. Boy Alex wanted it soooo much for his sweet Kiley...and even got in line with it and decided last minute that $30 was too much to pay for the horse. I was so proud of him and so sad for him at the same time, he reaaaaally wanted it. :)
We get in the van and Sophia was like "I cannot believe you were going to pay $30 for that horse!:P Now if it was $15..I could see that :)" and Boy Alex was so cute...he was like "I was just envisioning Kiley sitting in it watching Backyardigans" aaawwwww
Late Thursday night....when Sophia and my girl Alex were here visiting...Sophia remembered that toys were 50% off Thursday through Saturday and that horse is a TOY!!!!
SO my yesterday morning started as MISSION GET BOY ALEX AND KILEY THAT HORSE!
So yes, Friday morning in the summertime, I wake my children and say "get in the shower, we have somewhere to be!" It is soooo cracking me up now.
well, Sophia ended up calling me as I was walking out the door so I asked her if she wanted me to come get her for this mission and she says "Yes! You do not need to buy that horse :), I'll get it! :)"
 :) I said" I am walking out now, you have however many minutes to get ready" I hear "ohshoot" She's so cute. I can see her running around like "oh crap oh crap" and I am feeling for her because it's hard enough to get oneself ready fast but adding a 5 month old to the mix, well, we have all been there. :)
I get one mile down the road, notice I need fuel so I pull in to the gas station and she texts me "READY!" I don't know why that was sooo stinking cute and endearing to me...but it was. :P
SO at the rate I am telling this would be another month before it would be over because that was 9am..and I didn't catch a breath til 6:30....
I had woke up totally tired and sore but it didn't matter how crappy I felt, I was on cloud nine and felt like I was in a dream, that Alex had actually come back. I wanted to have a party.
I totally understand how the Prodigal Son's Father felt...
So we grab Sophia and Kiley
Go through McDonald's for breakfast
Get to the consignment store and Sophia gets THE HORSE :) :) :) :) and hangers so she can consign clothes
we go back to Sophia's so she can get her car and she brings boxes of clothes over so she can get them ready at my house and we can all hang out. :)
we went to the grocery store and bought a box of brownie mix, a gallon of chocolate milk, and angel food cake, some kiwi and bananas :P, some whipped cream...oh yea, we were having a party :P
oh, can't forget the cans of Superchill root beer and Cream soda (as I drool....I looooove cream soda)
Alex ended up coming over and bringing her boyfriend, can you guess his name?
 Zach! So we have my Alex, Sophia's boy Alex, my Zack, and now Big Zach :) :) :) :) :)
Super Fun! :)
I cannot tell you how awesome it was, just hanging out in my living room....I had all 6 kids home at the same time! I wish I would have got a picture!!!!! But, it was big Zach's first visit and I mainly focused on him. He's very nice. He's heading off to college August 15th...he wants to be a surgeon but he's not sure on what yet. He said when he dissected a cat, he enjoyed all of it. *gross* :):):):):)
After our company left, I had to high tail get the girls ready..they both had sleepovers at friends houses....
Got them dropped off, got home, saw Mike, sat on the couch and ZZZZZZZZZZZZ..there it was. I was done for the night! I did wake up when Siler came in asking for socks because Mike was outside watching Zack skateboard. Zack is getting better every day. He's so cute!
Siler ended up not staying out long and came in to "snuggle with Mama".(he says it so cute!)
Then Zack and Mike came in and we ended up all watching a movie from Netflix called Babysitters Beware. and then I officially got to call it a night....:)

Not sure if this is supposed to be awful and embarrassing...but we polished off the whole pan of brownies, the whole gallon of chocolate milk, the whole angel food cake and the whole can of Redi Whip....6 of us! Shaking my head...:P
we will be having fruits and veggies today! Parties over :P (I saw a picture yesterday that said something about Life Expectancy being longer if veggies smelled like bacon..LOL)

Wow, I haven't blogged like that in a long time. It was nice spending my morning with you. :) ttfn

Friday, July 13, 2012

Thank you, Jesus! My Alexandria came over last night! It felt so wonderful to hug her and hear her and laugh with her!!!!!!!! Thank you, Jesus!!!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The fighting between these children is unbearable.
I don't know how to distract them or redirect their anger or just get them to stop!
I didn't just sit down here to vent. I was actually just coming by to say," Hey!" :)
Now my gorgeous hubby is calling me...:) Guess it wasn't time to blog. :P

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have not been here in months..I feel like I should have some cool opening statement.

I am laying in bed. The boys just got out of the tub and Mike just pointed out that my Zack is getting hair on his legs..:P
I see teen boys everywhere I go and am in denial that my boys will be that big someday. It's a constant reminder to enjoy them NOW.

Mike and I went on a date today. Sophia and Kiley came and sat with the other 4 children.
We went to Cheesecake factory where we both ordered salads of the "skinny" menu. LOL
We went to Macys where I visited the MAC and Lancome counters while he browsed the men's section for shorts. :)
Then we went wine tasting...YUK! Bleh! BLAH! I do not like wine. I have tried several times.I give up. :)

Then, because the 5 wines I tasted..I guess equalled more than I needed...I became somewhat intoxicated and depressed. I am totally smiling now because it was seriously pathetic. So now I am tired (nothing new) and have a headache (also, nothing new) but whatever whatever....that was our date. :)

Came home and watched my Zack on his skateboard. He is getting so good at it. ( and now he is laying here next to me reading what I am typing, out I am going to stop here for now :))

I may be back soon...