Friday, December 30, 2011

Siler's party cont'd :)

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BIRTHDAY BOY SILER!!!!! :) :) :)


Come on Siler! SMILE!!!


It's my cupcake batter, I'll lick it clean if I wanna!

My new camera made it look daylight with the flash on!  We had a candlelight dinner for Siler's celebration.....
Gourmet chicken nuggets and toasted ravioli :) YUMMY!!!!!

yes, that is Sophia and her Alex at the table :) and Siler looking so cute! :D
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Kids Art that I LOVE and wish I could preserve :)

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RHINESTONE SETTING and a new notebook :) :) :) :)

Sam and Mia got new rhinestone setters for would be so proud of me how long I sat and did this with them know my lack of patience or love for crafts...bleh! and I didn't know when I ordered them that they are for ages 15 and up :/ *SIGH* but we started a project and eventually we will finish it :D

I love this big boy and I think he loved his new notebook..a gift from his sister, Alex :)
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Christmas Eve :) Mama got a new camera :)

I walked in  found Sam just chilling..a penny for her thoughts?

I love my kids' ART!

This one is Siler's fingerprints for the ornaments!!!! SO PRECIOUS!!!!

Mike's mom made this for us for Christmas..I think it is sooo cool :)

This girl loves chilling in the same room as her Momma :)
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TOTALLY MISC!!!!! This is what happens when I tell my life via camera!

Sam made this mask at school...I love her, she knows I think she is totally talented and stuff but as if it wasn't creepy enough..I thought I would put a stick through the eye :P lol...Mia has made a mask since then and we added it to this one...gotta love coming down first thing in the morning to these :D

YOU KNOW I HATE COOKING AND YOU KNOW I HAVE PICKY PEOPLE...but I was like okay, just throw something together!!!!! I guess I was in the mood for "yellow" foods that night :P with a Mia head on top :P

Mike helped the kids with a double decker train track...I think it was Sam's idea :) I wasn't there and I think Mike took the picture..that looks like his knee and foot..LOL

Oh THAT'S attractive :p
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December 9,2011 Girls' Christmas Party :)

Amelia :)

Samantha :)

I don't remember a lot about the girls' pre party..I am sure I was running around stressing out :)
I know I was wishing Mike would get home because the boys really wanted to go play at their friend's house but it wasn't time yet and #$%&*(^%& I don't handle stress well! Amy, MY HERO! showed up and sat and played with the boys and calmed them right down...I should have called her sooner :D


Amy, Nikki, me, Sophia, and her friend Lauren
These 4 girls SAVED THE PARTY!!!!
Amy and Nikki totally helped organize the craft for the girls...there were 11 of them
Sophia ran last minute errands for me and Lauren told me about the "WRIGHT family" story
I had the girls each bring a gift but I wasn't sure how I was going to handle the exchange...
the "wright family" is a story told that starts with everyone in a circle holding their gift...when you say "wright/right" it goes to the right and "left" get the is so funny to watch the presents flying :)
I had taken pictures of each girl individually when they arrived and I had sent Alexandria to get them printed while we did the exchange and craft...we never ended up actually putting the pictures on the "ornaments" they made..but they got to go home with a picture anyway :) Now that the party is LONG over, I should have got a GROUP picture :P lol I am learning :)
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