Wednesday, September 14, 2011

:) It's raining here today..totally chilly :)

Siler and I went to the consignment store today to get some warm clothes for the boys....
I do not shop for the girls without the girls anymore. :)

confession. The kids had dress up clothes...they never picked them one of my "I HATE EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AND IF I HAVE TO PICK UP ONE MORE THING THAT I DID NOT BLAH BLAHBLAH BLAH" streaks..I got rid of ALL OF IT! Zach just saw the halloween picture from last year and was like "I want to wear that"..his little ninja outfit... :'( you know.....that thing was soo thin, I could have folded it and put it in an envelope for heaven's sake..BUT I got rid of it
confession #2...I paid $9 today for a ninja outfit...I don't think I paid that last year...and I definitely didn't pay that for any article of clothing for the boys...
*sigh* whatcha gonna do?

A girl just left...we practiced some ZUMBA..I am gross sweaty and I need to go get the kids from school and get them ready for church tonight. choir.
Sam is going to be on the kids worship team on Sunday mornings :) Mia isn't old enough yet. But Mia is going to be in the Creative Movement team again this year. Sam was super torn between the two of those but a lady specifically told Sam she thought of her for the praise team so that helped her make her decision. :)
Zach and Siler are also in choir. :)
They are MY boys. Yesterday, Zach was telling us he doesn't like art because all you do is draw and it takes so long. but he loves music...I felt so super warm and fuzzy inside when I heard that. :D
and Siler......whenever I am listening to my ZUMBA music...there is always a fun music "bridge" in the music and he always smiles really big and does a little dance to it :) again, warm fuzzies!
I don't know if they will appreciate this knowledge when they get older but.......:D

My girlfriend has turned me onto Don't go unless you have time. It's lovely.
I don't know how to use it yet, but I love it. :D

Siler just woke up from a nap on the couch and I let him sleep in undies...I can be such a dumdum sometimes. :/

I hope your day is sunny with a high of 75 :) :) :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yo! Yo! YO YO!!!! I am FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :) Oh MY Goodness!!!! It felt soooo wonderful to wake up this morning and know that I am FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!! This is the most wonderful feeling! and I don't even know if I passed yet! :P Iwill find out in FOUR to SIX weeks! But whatever!!!!! I don't have to study again for a while! :D

My body is soooo sore this morning..I had no idea what I was getting into yesterday. It was pretty much 5 hours of muscle resistance lifting weights but THANKFULLY without the weights. :P but I don't know..I faked it and contracted my muscles pretty awesome...ouch ouch ouch. :)

:) Well, I am going to take 30 minutes and see how much stuff I can catch up on with ya'll! Then it's off to church and then it's FOOTBALL time! and I am sooo excited I get to watch the game without a textbook and study guide in my lap! (that is how I watched preseason.:P) gotta run! smoochies!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Good Morning :)
I remember back in the day when I would blog daily...sometimes multiple times a day! :D I wonder what I had to talk about back then? lol
it's September 10th at 6am
Today is my AFAA test that has been pretty much taking over my mind for the past 6 weeks.
In some ways I feel I didn't do as much as I could/should have but it's here now..I leave in 2 hours...soooo, I will go do my best :) and hope/pray I pass :)

My mom's husband's mom passed away this week...the viewing is tonight...I know I am going to be exhausted after being at my test from 9-6..the viewing is until 8....I also know that I do not want to see certain people...I don't know if I need to put tired and personal feelings in front of respects....
She was a very sweet lady. :) She was a mom of 5 boys :) One out of the 5 had his own son....Walt, her oldest son, married my mom who had two daughters....but Tillie lived in Rhode Island so she couldn't really see us...Then, I, her "granddaughter" had lots of daughters for her..but again...she lived in Rhode Island :/. I obviously didn't "know" her..but we took a very long road trip with 4 girls and went to visit her for a week. This was 8 years ago....
Her house was precious...she kept that thing T.I.D.Y! and that is loose talking.....
It was a 3 bedroom house...the master down, 2 up..the kind with attic ceilings (???maybe not....not that i think of it) but two cute bedrooms at the top of the stairs....5 BOYS raised there. :) 1 bathroom :) precious! precious precious precious!!!
She developed Alzheimer's....and no one lived in Rhode Island anymore to take care of her...Walt lives here, Paul, I think here also? Peter is a cave dweller...I don't really know what he does for a living but I know he goes in lots of caves...waaaaaaay into the caves....John lives in Orlando and Eric, her youngest, I believe lives in Boston....I think Eric tried to take care of her as long as he could...and I think he would go back and visit often..I don't know full details but long story short, she ended up moving in with Walt....and they tried to take care of her as long as they could..but when she went to, I don't know, get analyzed? "they" (I am speaking sooooo out of tibits of memory) said taking care of her was the task of like 12 people. So Walt had no choice but to put her in the home....
She ALWAYS called me Carmen. :P and her stories were SOOOOO adorable and this is with zero complaint as I tell you this..but she told them over and over. :) I tried to laugh everytime as if it was the first time I ever heard it. :) Gosh she was cute.
I wasn't as close to her as Ava...My AVA in Fort Smith...but thinking about how she had to leave her home in Rhode Island...her precious home. :( and now today she is laid out at the funeral home and besides the people from the home??? People don't know her here. Walt's friends may show up out of respect and of course her boys....but I assume her friends won't make it from Rhode Island? I don't know.

in other news...Sophia moves into her apartment today...She is with a boy named Alex. She needs me to take the seats out of my van and help her get a queen size mattress and box spring there....That is another reason I don't know if I will go to the viewing....I am sooo exhausted right now....I didn't sleep well from nerves for this long day ahead of me.....I need to help her and the thought of the viewing...Mike will be home with the kids ALL day which I know is fine..he is their Father...I just feel bad and I don't know why....(I am pretty sure men never feel bad when they are gone all day :P lol)

well....hoping I didn't sound like too much of a whiny butt...but this is what's up right now :)

Coming up..Rams play tomorrow...1st game of the season WHOO HOOOOOO! :D and it's chilly outside so we'll be having chili inside :)
I am ready to schedule my surgery (the one for all my inside falling parts...they need a lift :P) Keep you posted . :)

and that's all for today folks....
over and out. :)