Monday, March 28, 2011

ok...I just caught up on blogs :) YAY!!!
Today is my "day off"
the boys are in school.
the only thing I "accomplished" was an 8 minute tanning bed trip.
I had a TO DO list of much more than that...
but, all of those things will still be there when I get to them, right?

I think I am going to go buy a COKE. yes, I said it...I want a COCA COLA CLASSIC..mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm. :)
I am the best Robbie Niccum that I can be and I do not need to be , nor WANT to be compared to anyone else :) and I don't want to compare anyone else to me... :)

It is a freeing place to be and I hope I remember to stay here. :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zach was the only one upset about it until he reminded me that we cannot watch NetFlix now.:P

Since I have been here last...
Tuesday...taught Zumba and ran over to the church to get details about a mission trip to Honduras.
Alex is going on a mission trip to Hawaii in June so the mission trip to Honduras is going to have to wait until next year. :)
Caught the very tail end of Biggest Loser...I was speechless.
1.) when I turned it on , a guy that I liked, that had got voted off, was weighing in...I was like "HUH?!" lol
and 2.) this guy lost 7 pounds and everyone was upset and crying about it because this other girl wanted to go home and now she wasn't going to be able to because he lost so much weight....HELLO!!!!! It's the BIGGEST LOSER!!! YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT!!! :P
Alison Sweeney (however you spell her name) felt my pain and told the girl, she isn't in prison, she can leave at any time..and she took the second to acknowledge and congratulate the weight loss. :)

Wednesday and Thursday..Siler is being a THREE year old..I really envy those that have grandparents around to help. I know MANY people do not and they make it....but it sure would be nice.

Wednesday night.
We are on chapter 3 in Genesis and the fall of Adam and Eve...oh the arguments in class...Eve's fault, Adam's fault...submission of wives, lack of leaders in husbands, debates...laughs..exhausting. :)
I am glad I am not a man.

Last night...ZUMBA. :)
This morning...Aqua Zumba. :)

Aqua Zumba is hard. I am tired and sore. and ironically, it is supposed to be better for you knees, mine hurt. :/ ;p

tomorrow I am going to watch Alex perform/compete. She is doing sign language to "this is the stuff" by Francesca Battistelli...

my new Zumba schedule..
starting in April..
Monday nights
Tuesday day
Tuesday night
Thursday day
Thursday night
OFF Friday (Family Night!)
rotating Saturdays ..but that doesn't start until May so I have a month of Saturday mornings OFF. :)
and OFF Sundays (CHURCH, FAMILY,and REST)

How awesome is my schedule???? :):):):):):)

well, I am more than exhausted right this second..1.)lack of sleep 2.) dealing with a 3 year old, strong willed, boy and 3.) aqua zumba  :P

I'll see you soon :)


Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday...all the kids back in school.
Zach and Siler only go on Mondays but I love it :)
I taught a ZUMBA class and then I came home and loaded the van with the boys toys and donated them to make money for the school they attend. :)
My friend, the Director of the school, was helping me smuggle the toys into the building.
When I get oldest, Zach, was in the very front room and he saw me immediately...
I am glad I was empty handed :P
My friend just shut their door so we could carry the stuff in.
After school, I picked up Siler first...and when we went to get Zach...Siler saw the toys and said "I HAVE THOSE!!!" with a big smile...
There I am ,smiling really big, "YOU DOOOO????"""
"let's get Zach!" (and praying he doesn't run home to play with the stuff.:P)
So Far, So Good.
As my life goes (and I am not complaining) my front door is revolving.
I get rid of stuff and people give me as I am loading my van...a girlfriend stops by and gives the boys a brand new ToyStory Alien Fishing game and gives the girls some Hello Kitty stuff..Old Maid, Dominos, Pencils, the boys were totally excited about their new game and now they are planted in front of the tube while I am typing..soooo, yea. :P

Mike and I ended up going out for a VERY nice dinner Saturday evening. It was sooooo nice to spend that quiet time with him and the meal was YUUUUUUUUUUUM. I got baked Orange Roughy with mushrooms and lemon butter sauce...mmmmm mmmmmm.
Sophia and Alex kept the kids for us...that was very sweet and awesome of them :)

well, I'm going to get for now..I miss the days when I could peacefully sit and type for as long as I felt like it :) lol
do you miss the days when not one paragraph had the word ZUMBA in it??? LOL!!!!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I have one hour to shower and get ready to go teach two final Saturday classes.
I have not slept ..okay..I HAVE slept..but we have stayed up waaay tooo late for tooooo many nights in a row...I have to make it to tonight and I need to go to SLEEP!
Today is Mike and my 17th wedding anniversary :):):):) I remember the first time I saw him..and thought "WHAT A DORK!" lol
but then a couple weeks went by and I met him again in another location...and when he smiled at me.....makes me weak kneed and butterfly tummied remembering :):):)
He is a wonderful man and I am blessed that he has stayed by my side for these 17years....
we have had lots of downs..but it is all UP from here! :):):):):)
well..I have to go get ready...

(((BEAR HUG!!!!)))

Friday, March 11, 2011

It is amazing how much of a difference sunshine makes!!!!

I am sitting on the back steps while my kids and the neighbor kids are playing on the playset. :)

Laughter...LOTS of smiles and laughter in my backyard!!!!

I just got off the phone with one of my best friends and she had a really great night last night and a pretty great day today and I am so happy that her life is starting to look's been a pretty rough road for her for a while.

We are actually meeting tonight for some girl time. :) I can't decide if we should go to the consignment store or Charming Charlies (?) first...I am on a mission for shoes and a purse.

praying for those in the earthquake and tsunami...I cannot imagine.

hugs to you..Hope you are having a good one. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have been having a heavy hearted couple of weeks. The kind where everything is going on with those I love very dearly and I feel guilty for the good in my life...ridiculous, I know..but,TRUE.

Don't get me wrong..I have my own mini pity parties..but nothing compared to the bleeding heart I have for others.

I have heard of more children..YOUNG children having surgerys...eyes, heart...
I have friends with heart attacks, kidney stones,rocky marriages...

but I have a God that has the WHOLE WORLD in His Hands. :) He has plans that only He knows about...Things happen for a reason and for those that LOVE Him and Serve Him....all those things work out for Good :)

so...I am not going to say that my heart is not still heavy....because it is....but I know who to keep my eyes on during this time. :) :) :)

I love you...and I hope that you are not in one of "those situations" at this time....but please know..that I am praying for you, my friend.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

went back to the M.A.C. counter last night and got a red lipstick. YEARS ago, red was my signature did NOT see Robbie without red lips..not at the grocery store, not getting the mail...never. sooooo, I thought I would try it again. :) Maybe not as my "signature" color...but "just because". :) The lady at the counter said "it takes confidence to wear red."  I  decided I would fake it until I make it :P lol (and I am wearing it today and headed to a party...most of the people don't know me so it won't be different to them...we'll see if the hostess says anything. :P)

I fell asleep with the tv on last night. I was watching Pretty Woman...(and kind of giggling because she was wearing red lipstick ;p)...I woke up and Selena was on..LOOOVE that movie...and then Runaway Bride came on....I didn't stay awake for that whole movie but I was up off and on all night....
Married with Children came on around 5 am and I was like "Robbie, turn off the t.v." but I was toooooo tired....then my alarm went off at 6...I let it beep.... a looooong time....and then I just shut it off..(I DON'T DO THAT!!!!) I woke up at 7:20 and was like "OOOOOHMYYYYYGOOOOOSH!!!!!"

I did not lay out kids clothes, I did not gather kids shoes and socks, I did not even make them take baths the night before...and we had to leave at 8:30!!!!
I scrounged up clothes and I do mean SCROUNGED!!! I have dirty clothes from here to there and everywhere....!!!!!!!!!! (well, not anymore..I have sorted them and started the laundry cycle)

I have been SO frustrated at church the last two times I have been there....but I don't have time (as always) to get into it...not the church's fault...I am just not getting "MY" way...I will come back soon to tell.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I put in a notice at one Zumba job and got an e-mail within hours with an offer somewhere else. WOWZA that was COOL!

I have been a total busy body today..

Also, I was thinking about some of my friends that work really hard and I was wondering if they ever take "lazy days"..then when I got to thinking about it..I think I take "work days" here and there. :P

Friday seem to be my "work" day ..I get the laundry done and the trash out and things that I wanted to do all week but didn't...and though the rest of my days cannot be counted as "lazy"..well, whatever.

So I just came downstairs to plug in my mp3 player for my two classes tomorrow morning..I didn't intend on staying but I wanted to say "HI!" and hopefully soon I will come down with a cup of coffee and some quiet time to see what you are all up to. :):):):)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

okay...many things accomplished! :D

x-rays picked up, Alex to the Doc (she is fine!), Alex to work...Zach and Siler to playdate...Sam and Mia eating right now and hopefully getting in the shower in the next 3 minutes:P

I FINALLY sent a package to Ava...Guys, I have not corresponded with her since before Christmas!!!!!!! I wanted to send her something for Christmas and didn't..not even a card....I wanted to send her something for her birthday (Jan 12th)..I DID call her but she , I guess, wasn't there?..and Siler opened her chocolates and ate them...I wanted to send her something for Valentine's Day..I bought her a bear that says I love you...really soft and cuddly.....I just mailed the bear and card...I wanted to tell her I am really sorry for being an awful friend...but I know that if a friend said that to me, I would feel awful that they felt I didn't..I just told her that I hope she is getting out of her room and socializing with the others at her building and that I loooove her....
I have to quit feeling guilty...could I do more? maybe...but, well, I don't...I don't know what else to say.

I wish she was here, is what I know....

I went to Anne's house..the shut-in here, to cut her hair..and though I love's not's Eva's Ava..:P some of you will remember that story..I don't have time to get into it now :)

well.....I better go get the showers going so we can make it to church...and I have to change my jeans because I just ate A LOT of junk food and now the jeans are cutting into my belly and that never feels good :P Will I ever learn? Maybe, maybe not :):):):)
hey there :) so many things happen throughout my day that I think "OH! I WANT TO BLOG THAT!!!!" I want to get a fancy phone and blog from it...instead of FACEBOOK :P lol I think you all appreciate me more then my FB peeps. :P

so it is a 3am day...and I have way too much to do today for it to be a 3am eyes are burning :(

I need to go by Urgent Care to get the X-RAYS from Alex's visit on Monday to take them to her orthopedic appt. today..I have to go get her out of school, which doesn't sound like a big deal but it seems these days..ANYTHING I have to do taking the two boys inand out of the van seems like a big deal to me anymore. :(
then sitting at the Ortho with her with the two boys, which they said to expect an hour wait....
then I drive her across town to work and's already hard to stay awake most of the time driving there and back :/...then church tonight..which I have not finished my study...UGH! Only chapter 2 and I am already slacking...

I am so Debbie Downer right now, I apologize :P

well, I guess I better get off here...I know I have good stuff to tell you about how Awesome God is..but just know that He is and I will hopefully find time to tell you more later...(actually, consider me silly if you will..but I almost feel like the super sweet things He has done for me lately are for me to know only maybe I will keep my mouth shut and pray that you get love pats from God that you KNOW are from Him :))

XOXOXXOXO until another day :)