Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I totally totally totally do NOT understand!!!!! I had told everyone to redirect to the other blog...but I cannot post to THAT blog from THIS is the most wild thing!  and I am being totally lazy because the laptop it can post from is in the basement with all my ZUMBA music on it, hooked up to the speakers and it doesn't hold battery power and I am too UGH! to unplug it all and bring it up and I don't want to sit down there. and WOW! What a way to comeback after who knows how long I have been gone..with a bunch of Waaaa Waaaaa Waaaaa whining :P

It is the last day in August....I looooove September! My birthMONTH :) I have already been playing the role of Mike's personal shopper for my big day :)

I didn't go back and see the last time I posted so I have no idea what you know and don't know...

I fear Sophia and  Alex reading this because anytime I am telling you, my friends, stuff that is going on, they take it as "bitching about them"....and I am NOT!...and I feel I can only talk about ZUMBA so much without ya'll voting me off the island....and all I ever talk about besides that is my hate of cooking, my lack in cleaning and my struggle with finances and so yea, I don't know what to say because besides kids are my life :D

but here's something I can tell you....ya'll know my skdfjsiudsgydsiufyg for bugs and anything that crawls (not babies, of course :P)..well, last night I was cleaning the kitchen and there was a cricket on my floor....those of you that have been with me might remember my 15 minute encounter with the bug in my kitchen a while back...I don't know if it was on this blog or the one before my 37th birthday and even if I DID know..I don't know how to post the link for you to read it...ya'll that know how to do that are sooooo super cool and I wish I could be too! AAAAANNNNNNYYYYYYWAAAAAAY...the cricket.....I can't kill bugs...don't want to kill them, don't like them , just don't want to share my home with I grabbed Mike's magazine and directed it to the back door....THIS WAS A BIG DEAL FOR ME!

Actually I forgot I did it the other night too....I used Mike's work papers that were sitting on the kitchen island and when I went to shoo it outside, some of the papers flew out the door onto the steps....I opened the door to get them and a big moth came flying in...UGH!!! so I left the paper out there until  he got turns out if was an important paper :/ but it didn't get ruined THANK GOD :)

ok, so THIS MORNING..I come downstairs to make coffee, I was on a little sleep because I drank coffee last night to study (THIS IS ANOTHER WHOLE STORY..blah!) and I couldn't fall asleep and morning came really fast..oh wait! It was well into morning when I fell asleep :P STICK TO THE POINT ROBERTA!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I come downstairs and there is a HUGE black cricket right there in the middle of my kitchen floor...I didn't have anything of Mike's handy to use *giggle* so I grabbed the broom...I didn't want to hurt it so I was gently redirecting it....I think I hurt it...not sure? but I was still trying to get it out the back door....the little booger..I opened the back door but it went into a corner crevice where I couldn't get it without smooshing it...and then I thought it went there to die and I felt bad that I did hurt it :( but it was in the corner so I thought "I'll let Mike get it when he gets up" :) so I go off to do other stuff and I went back to see if it was, in fact, dead....nope, it faked it's death and got out of my house (the back door was still open a crack from when I was trying to shoo it out...I know it yelled "SEE YA SUCKA!!!!" as it jumped out but that's long as it doesn't come back :)

so there :) a blog without telling what's REALLY going on here :) YAY ME! :):):)