Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi friends..

I feel as if I have been beat down but I have got back up..AGAIN  :) :) :)

It is 11pm and I should SOOO be sleeping..I have a very crazy weekend ahead..but I have the dryer fluffing so I can get the jeans out and switch laundry and I am eating some BERRY CHEESECAKE ice cream. YUM!

Sam, Mia, and Zach are performing at our church this Sunday night. I don't know if I bragged on here but you know we just started this church about 8? weeks ago now? and they had these auditions awhile ago when we were pretty brand new....Sam and Mia both wanted parts but I had told them to not be sad if they didn't get them BECAUSE we were so new...there have been other children there for a LOOOONG time, ya know???? But my girls got 2 of the 4 "rap" parts :):):) I can't help but be super excited about it :)

so they have final practice tomorrow 9-11:30 and then I am doing a ZUMBA fundraiser for the American Heart Association pressure on time :P LOL

Sam's NINTH birthday is Sunday :) :) :) :) :) :) I ordered her CLUBHOUSE magazines...SHE LOOOOOVES them...and I ordered it awhile ago hoping it would be here by her birthday so TOMORROW would be a GREAT day for it to come :) and will leave this at that. :P

Mike is starting a huge project in the back yard,,,,it is going to be awesome..I wish I was a better, take pictures, and post person. :D

I am super tired and going to call this a night.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday night....
I subbed a class this morning..I couldn't get the music loud enough. :/ was very's hard to motivate and be all perky with soft music....but I did the best I could?

I got home and the girls wanted to play with friends and Zach wanted his friend over so we did open door day....I used to be so much more tolerant of lots of kids in the house. :) One huge perk to having my kids so young..Sophia and Alex got to be "that" house....Sam, Mia, Zach, and Siler? Not so much...
Kids are bored at our house. They tell us..We're bored, can we go to my house? I am like "what are you goingto do at your house?" in my head..I don't really say it...but did my house become the "boring" house? Such a depressing thought. Just because I didn't let them keep sliding down the stairs on the pillows? That makes me boring??? I wouldn't mind as lond as we had signed liability waivers from the other parents, ya know? :P

We got a platter of Chick Fil A nuggets and a gallon of lemonade and we have been couch potatoes..we are on movie #3..I just ran down too check e-mail and thought I'd say "hello" :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I didn't do, at all, what I thought I would last night...
I played APPLES TO APPLES but while watching A FEW GOOD MEN...
there were sooo many commercials and I was half in a coma and I have seen the movie 1200 times...but I fought to stay awake for it....

THEN as if that wasn't bad enough...mind you ..I know I have to get up in  the morning and get everyone ready for church and I KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE A CRAZY TIRING ZUMBA DAY.....did I go to bed after A Few Good Men?
 NOOO!!!!!! I browse through Netflix and find Dirty Dancing.....
I think to myself " I will just fell asleep on t he sofa" (because THAT is GREAT for my neck and back!) but do I fall asleep???
NOOO!!!! I watched the whole movie!!!

1 am.....1 am and I don't see each other often anymore...and when 6 am came along...I remembered WHY I don't see 1 am anymore....

burning eyes.... :P

oh, and last night..I didn't gather for clothes for this morning...
This morning I gathered clothes for this morning..
My boys need clothes
My girls just need me to do laundry

SOCKS a/k/a nemesis... :P This is the time I want to purchase all sandals that do not require socks. :P

well......I apologize that I seem to keep coming on here and venting....
my Facebook has a reputation to uphold.,...I don't vent on there often. :P LOL

I better boogie.....Love you guys...hope your Sunday is Peaceful! xoxoxxo
well, if you are reading this on Monday-Saturday..I hope ALL YOUR DAYS are peaceful matter the situation. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am sitting in the basement where my computer is
The kids are upstairs SCREAMING !!!
Sometimes it's laughter, sometimes crying..
They are playing karate and it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

I will not assume that Michael is annoyed at me that I chose to come down here instead of staying the midst of all that.


I want peace.

got my taxes done today.
won't complain.
just know I wanted to cry and had a yucky pit in my stomach for about 20 minutes..maybe 30.
but then, I go back to the Robbie I know.
I have a happy marriage
I have amazing healthy children
we can't take worldly possessions with us
it IS what it is. :P

I have been busy with the tax stuff
I need to work on a party that I chose to get myself into
I have been having steady playdates
but ....

okay...hear me out and roll your eyes if you must.

I am already busy busy 3 days a week...
well, kind of 4

right now I am thinking about my friend with 5 children that is a director of two different things...of marketing and of a moms day out....she is busy 5 days a week and still attends church..the kids are all in activities... I really really need to shut my piehole. :P

I am not an organized person.
sometimes I want to be
other times..I think chaos works for me..

I really don't have anything to say

these are the same conversations I have with ya'll everytime I am on here

not sure why I blog anymore. :P

It used to be to vent about my children

but then I realized their business is their business.

soooooooooo......besides ZUMBA, my lack of hate for cooking, my loooove of a social life and my stumbles with money...

yup..nothing to say. :P

I love my church.
I love my friends.
I love my job.
I love my ZUMBA girls...(they could fall into the friends category but I wanted to do a separate shout out :P)

I haven't had the kind of time I would like to commit to learning new routines.
it wears on me..
but tomorrow...I get to go to a 3 hour training where I am supposed to learn 6 new songs...

I am thinking Sophia is getting along with her Grandmother right now...
she seems to only be close to me when she hates her.
but I am glad they are getting along
they do live together, after all.

I know that came out of nowhere
Sophia is turning 18 soon.
whooopie right...she can smoke legally now and she's already moved out..soooooo, whatever. it's not how I thought  it would be but it's not about me and again. it is what it is and that's enough of that. :D

Don't you love when you get the raw and unedited side of Robbie? ;p

well, I am thinking I am going to go upstairs...make a pot of some APPLES TO APPLES with my beautiful children

get them showered and in bed and get stuff gathered for church tomorrow
and hopefully get quiet time to come pay bills and figure out how to squeeze $$$ for taxes. :D

uh oh!!!! I just heard Mike say "THAT'S ENOUGH!!!!" you know it's enough when he finally hears the commotion that has been surrounding him for a looong time .:P LOL..

Saturday, April 9, 2011


It is a BEAUTIFUL Saturday afternoon! The sun is out...I am ALL alone in my home! YES! A LOOOOONE.....and I am sooo crabby I am giving myself (as Jodie calls it) an asscrack on my forehead from frowning!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!?!?

How are you alone Robbie???

well, I'll tell you..
Samantha is at a birthday party from 2-4:30 with Madeline
Amelia got invited to her Madeline's house at 2 also..and will be home at 6
on the way home from spending a morning with friend calls and OFFERS TO PICK UP ZACH AND SILER at 2!!!!
Which leaves Mike and me...
but Mike is out looking at stone for our backyard, which leaves me
and my Convenient Store Coke and Hersheys Almond bar and my asscrackforehead....   I am so sorry but Jodie made me laugh so hard I about tinkled when she called the wrinkle in her forehead that...I will probably say it at least two more times this week and then I'll stop.:P

SO, really Robbie? You are super abundantly blessed to be home alone and the best you could think of was to get on here and crab about what a crabapple you feel like right now????? and the WORST PART????


Yesterday..I had a playdate with 3 girls
Last night..I had a ZUMBA playdate with 3 different girls
This morning I spent 3 hours at Sophia's school, mani-pedi, colorwash
Now, I am alone
and tonight...Mike and I are supposed to go eat with another couple..

Maybe this is what spoiled people feel like all the time....cause I do feel like a brat.

My candy bar is gone and almost my whole Coke and I am sure I have worn you down to almost your last nerve with the whine but I will leave you with one amazing cool story..because I have to have a little positive before I go

Last week, I was purging and I came across my Pampered Chef GarlicPress..I have come to terms with the fact that I HATE cooking and if I need garlic, there is minced in a jar garlic...I normally have ZERO problems throwing stuff like that into the Goodwill bag..but for some weird reason, I wanted to give it to someone special..but who wanted it???? I didn't I put it in a drawer and told God I wanted someone to have it. :)

I met this girl a couple weekends ago when I went to Alex's Fine Arts competition...She just had another baby and has quit her fulltime job to stay home so I had told her if she ever wanted to get out to please feel welcome. :)

So I invited her and 2 others over....

I was putting carrots into a small Pampered Chef BatterBowl and one friend says "HEY! I just ordered one of those from Pampered Chef!" and this new girl who I just met said, "I want to order one of their Garlic Presses."

*GASP!!!* I trotted to the drawer with a huge grin and giggle and handed it to her...soooooooo giddy that God is sooo amazing and Cool :) :) :)

ok, I feel better :) Thank you for hearing my vent :)

Hugs and Kisses!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Good Morning Fellow Readers (if I have any left I have been gone so long :P)

I will start off with the " all time over used phrase" I have been busy with ZUMBA :P......really Robbie?????? WOW!!! WE WOULD HAVE NEVER GUESSED THAT!!!! :P lol

I started my new schedule this week...this morning is the last of my NEW classes...the other two have went well :) Gosh the past two weeks have been a blur.

as always, I really don't have time to sit and tell you all that I want to tell you I will bullet point what I want to tell you about when I get to come back and SIT. for real, SIT.

1.) My knee, groin (I have always thought this a funny word), and Aqua Zumba
2.) What Mike did to me when he was in Orlando
3.) Church and how much I love it and I am starting to "fit in"
4.)Zumba "highs" and Zumba "lows" and how I am constantly struggling to just be "ME"

Obviously you are reading this and I hope that you are smiling....not because of anything I have written but just are soooo special and adored. :)