Sunday, November 27, 2011

ok, I thought I was going to put a lot more pics on here but they are all so old and unless I tell a whole story about them, they aren't THAT interesting :P LOL

I have an informal P.A who is going to gently remind me this New Year to use my camera and blog pics of the family :) I had quit making New Year's resolutions but I am making this one now...I want to keep on here better :) With PICS! :D

Memories of working at the skating rink :)
I had a lot of fun there!
I may have posted this before but a lady said that Sam and I have identical profiles so we took a pic :D

I think (am not sure) that this is Siler for his birthday? I think Sophia brought him cake
and Mike and I went on a date..I don't remember much about that day except coming home to...


and I don't know what it is..but going through our kids have their tongues out the majority of the time! What is THAT???!!!

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2and4 headed sillies, I can do it myself and Siler has all the cool get-ups :P

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mia figuring out her new camera Christmas 2010 :)

I said I look funny in this one and Mia said "Don't worry mom, it's just dandruff" :P

She is such a DADDY'S GIRL! :):):)

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Last Christmas, can't believe it's almost been a year!

Zachary!!!! My gosh I laughed hard when I first "figured this one out"

Siler trying to be like Big Brother

Mia just being cute with her camera..self capture :)

I know I have shared this before but as far as I am concerned it will never get old...I never knew Mia was responsible for capturing this moment :) Good Job Mia! :) PRECIOUS!!!

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Ringing in  the New Year 2011 :)

I love my sweetie and you can't see it, but she is wearing a Razorback Snuggie :)

I just think she is cute :)

Sam loves to rollerblade :)

Precious sisters :)

ok, this one, I just happened to have my camera, and it might not tickle your funny but I am driving along and look back and Buzz Lightyear was a made me laugh :P

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Sweet Siler!! :):):)

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Laumeier Park (a sculpture park)

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I don't know where we were going...but Zack and Siler had to use their hot dogs to make a call :P
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I have been sorting through pictures all weekend...and I am going to start putting them on no certain order....could be fun :)

ok, this was back in June....I was trying a different "look" for my ZUMBA a "latino" look LOL!!!!!

This is my Nutella muncher :P and could Zack be a sweeter brother right here??? Awwww! :)
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