Thursday, November 25, 2010

I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, whether it was with your family or your friends. :)
Mike's parents came after all :) Mike and I made a delicious lunch if I do say so myself. :)
Alex, Mike, and his parents ran to Bass Pro Shop so I have been putting clothes away :) I am thankful that job is done :p

As soon as they get home we are busting out the SURPRISE Gingerbread House Kits. :)

Samantha woke me at 4:30 this morning...I wonder if I am in training for Black Friday shopping.
3am eyes are burning. :P I think his parents might be spending the night and if they do I am thinking she would like to hit the Saint Louis stores. If she wants to, I can do it. :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mike is working on getting our Wii fixed, AGAIN. We got it last Christmas and it has already been sent in for repair..and we have no idea why it went capoot again. :/ The Amish. I always admire them more and more when our "toys" cause us more trouble than they are worth.
On the other hand, without technology, I wouldn't be able to keep up with you all like .....yea...soapbox silencing now. :P

I have been slowly working on the house has been one of my 3am days.. I got up and I had not done the dishes before bed last night ( I think that was my first time since the "houseclean") so I started the dishwasher and a load of laundry...and then went through ANOTHER box of Lord knows what...and switched the laundry, piddled...and around 6 decided I was ready for a nap..but then my boys woke up so that killed that idea. :p

We Zumba-ed...My neighbor was the only girl to show up, which was absolutely fine with me :) She felt bad that I had to stay for just her and I am like "ARE YOU KIDDING??? WE GET TO DANCE!!!!" :) it was so funny..she has danced with me before so she knew a lot of the songs so we were dancing having full blown ( I guess I wasn't working her hard enough if we could still talk :P)

I was wanting to ask my neighbor to film my next DVD but I am thinking I might just do it myself, either tomorrow or Friday...we'll see. :) Just a thought. :)

Mike's parents MIGHT be coming over tomorrow. I called his mom today to see what they were doing and she said absolutely nothing because both of her daughters have their own thing going on with their spouses and we had our own thing going on so I told them they  are MORE THAN WELCOME here. :) I told her I wouldn't be doing a traditional dinner because I don't roll like that...
I told Mike what I did and he decided he wants a traditional dinner. :) so we got a turkey breast..I will do the mashed potatoes, the marshmallow yams, the stuffing, Velveeta mac-n-cheese for the kiddos, and of course, pumpkin pie..I will make the shipped topping because I LOVE it fresh..mmmm mmmm. :) Alex wanted to make the pie but they are $5 at WalMart. :P

I am trying to talk Alex into going to a Zumba class with me in the a.m. It's called Workout before you Pork out. :P lol

I also want to take her to see a movie Friday...I think it is called Burlesque or something like that...I should GOOGLE the spelling but I don't feel like it :)

oh my gosh I have Sam reading in my ear, Alex yelling at me..I am OBVIOUSLY trying to blog and so on and so on.I should go..before I Freak out. :)

oh yea, I am thankful for my many blessings. :) :) :)
I wish you could have seen the exchange that just happened between Siler and Alex..PRICELESS!

and I take back what I said about my hair

I was  upset disappointed...I thought I knew exactly what I wanted....but as it turns out..she gave me what I didn't know I needed. :) It's shorter than I had desired but I have received compliments out the wazoo about it...and if I were to be completely honest with myself...the "longer" hair was NOT flattering on me. I just kept thinking "if it gets even longer, it will look better"..I think that worked for me when I was younger and I didn't know how to style my hair... SO! Yay for my hair lady :) I may have just found MY style.

holiday plans

Thanksgiving..we are thinking TANGLED the movie in the a.m. and then I am thinking about buying 5 Gingerbread house kits..I saw them at Trader Joes...and doing those in the evening.
Alex has requested chinese take out for Thanksgiving lunch...why not???? :)

Christmas, have no plans yet...

but NEW YEARS!!!! One of my favorite red heads is coming to visit me for the first time!! I am SOOOOO excited!!!! For those of you that follow her blog, it's MOMSGONEGODLY :) YAAAAAAAYYYYY :)
I told her I would spoil her and her children rotten while they are here...and I think she is going to get to go to one of my Zumba classes with me :) I am so excited :) I know we will do the Arch...and the rest? we can chill, we can shop..whatever! It will be Fabulous! I know it!

That being has thrown me even more into OPERATION HOUSE TOGETHER mode. :)
I am calling it...GET THE HOUSE TOGETHER BEFORE 2011 :)  and it is coming together beautifully :)
I am beyond thankful for my friend who gave me her Saturday to help me. :) I need to call and get her and her family on my calendar for dinner. ( her daughter requested mac-n-cheese and her son, cinnamon toast crunch :P)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mushy Brain

Oh mY gosh. I have learned a lot of new brain is running OVERTIME. :)

I hope I get them all right tonight. I am Neeeervous!

well, I have one hour to shower, get the boys together, blah blah blah and blah blah...

it will be WONDERFUL when I don't have to take Alex to will give me another hour in my day 4 days a week!
but that is not I better run!

talk soon : )

Monday, November 22, 2010

I feel so much better today!!! YAY!!! Look out Zumba girls!!! :) :) :) :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I don't feel well today. That is what I get for not taking care of myself :/

I hope I recoop by tomorrow morning..the boys have school and I have Zumba.

I am wanting to paint a desk for the young girls. They are getting a computer in their room. It will not have internet access but they can play games on it.

Mike and I went to the neighborhood progressive dinner..I met a couple that has been honeymooning for 63 years. They are precious..Jim and Jeanne(sp?) They were my favorite couple to meet. My other favorite was (I don't remember her name!!!!!) and her husband, Lonnie. They moved here from Florida 10 years ago. He worked for Anheiser Busch..until 9/11. After 9/11, he realized he worked 80 hours a week and didn't know his daughters or who their teachers are and he walked away from that job. I had tears in my eyes, of course!
She is beautiful and glowing...they are expecting baby #3..a boy :) They have two daughters....she is a director for a challenged kids organization and she loves it...she has strawberry blonde hair and ya'll know I have a thing for red headed women! :) :) :)

I am going to go grab a tall glass of water, have you had any lately ?? :) :) :) Have you ZUMBAed lately??? or EVER???? :) :) :) :)

I am in the process of learning several songs...that could be a part of my exhaustion. :P lol...well, good night friends...xoxoxxo
after a Caramel Apple Martini
trying to get a picture for my friend..we were discussing how I will never "fit in" because I am not the "stylish" type. :P

nope..I am me. I don't buy in season, in style...blah blah blah and that is okay with me. :P

and I know I didn't get a picture of my hair before the cut..but it was pretty long..especially if I straightened it..
it's gone....
operation grow out..take 2
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Stylin Siler

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Friday, November 19, 2010

I am trying to not be upset about my hair. It's just hair.
BIG GIRL PANTIES...ON!!!! :) :) :) :)
I wish I could take my family to court....and let a jury rule..and if I turned out to be the looney psycho, I would accept it with humbleness...they make me ill.
somehow I became a follower of my own blog ???

I am back from my haircut..I think I need it thinned is like 2 inches shorter than I wanted but it's'll grow. :)
The boys and I are walking out the door..I am going to get a haircut..I hope she does an AMAZING job..I could use a Fabulous Hairstyle to put an extra pep in my step :P lol

Wish me luck, with both the haircut and the boys with me. :) :) :)

Happy Friday!!! :) :) :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

POST 100 :)

I should have taken a picture...
I walked in my bathroom and it looked like I had ONE hard nipple but it was WAAAAAY over, like close to my armpit..I was like WTHECK??????
well, the bras I bought when I was marathon training have an inner and outer bra in one...and SOMEHOW a POPCORN KERNEL got in between the layers. :p
The kids are finger you know why?? because the house is fab and they can :)
I spent a good part of the morning learning a new Zumba song..then I went to transfer it to my MP3 player and it wasn't in my I went to get the CD and it wasn't in my folder!!! UGH!!!! I hope it's in Mike's car!!! But then I had to go back and learn ANOTHER song!!! the first song was slow and lots of lunges...the second one is pretty good pace...both salsas...I hope my girls like them..and I hope I get the music soon. :)  (sorry if this was all confusing, it's all I got. :P ) LOL

oh yea, the house is still FAB.

I need to make a one thing a day list of things to do.

1. clean carpets
2. clean area rug downstairs
3. paint a couple of different rooms but of course they would go on my list one at a time
4. fix boys closet

oh, I need to bring in the patio furniture!!!
and get ready for Zumba...GOTTA RUN! :)

that's all for now

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

since our house clean up on Saturday..

the boys have climbed in Mike's chair with a book to read.
the main level has remained tidy with little work..(I still have not "CLEANED" it..but when I decide to, it won't be a chore in itself to get to it)
the 4 youngers and Mike and me played "hot" football in boys' bedroom...lots of fun and no stress because downstairs was tidy.
I made a recipe (mango salsa) the tidy kitchen, without stress..
the girls have been doing nightly Bible devotions because the house is so peaceful , they can....(and without me recommending it which makes me sooooo happy)
mornings have gotten better..

now, I know it is only Wednesday..but I have accomplished a lot upstairs while maintaining the main level and frankly, between the house "tidying" and Zumba....I am tired...I will keep you updated on the house when I actually maybe implement some type of house "cleaning"...

our front dining room is so job is to go to the basement and find this thing we want to hang on the was given to me by someone very special...we used it over our bed in Fort Smith but we never hung it here because we were waiting for our room to ..well, WE HAVEN'T EVEN STARTED ON IT IN 3 and 1/2 years!!! so we are using this 3 candle holder thing in our dining will practically be the first thing people see when they walk in so I better get some pretty groovy candels :) lol

we are going to our first neighborhood progressive dinner this social, meet sounds like I could get into it :)

I need water..gonna run. :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

I only have an hour and a half to kick butt until I have to pick the boys up and take Alex to work...I had an excellent phone convo with my m.i.l. so that is okay that I lost time but now I have to go super speedy to catch some back soon..hope your day is FANTASTIC.!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's one of those 2am days....I hope I am able to fall back asleep at some point.

Yesterday a girlfriend came over at 11am...we didn't waste time and got to work...and worked 8 hours straight....on my house...I thought I had come a loooong way (and I have) but didn't realize how much farther I had to go...OH MY GOSH!!!!

Basically I was setting myself up for failure..I had some of my "office" here and some there and some on my headboard and some in my laundry room and she made me an office outside my bedroom door, at the top of the stairs...I would have NEVER thought of it!!!! It's crazy how it fits and I WOULD HAVE NEVER THOUGHT OF IT!

She decided that the pencil sharpener DOES NOT go next to the TV in the front room and nailpolish DOES NOT go in the bread cabinet....:/ AND she semi-permanently ATTACHED  the brush to the bathroom sink!!! We will NOT hunt for it in the a.m. EVER AGAIN!!!! hallelujah!

I will post pics soon but, even though I woke at 2am..I am soooo zonked and my body is too tired to reach over and grab my camera and snap the picture and upload it.

I have a furniture store in my front room...and wait until you see the load leaving this Tuesday....I don't think my 7 bags last week measure up!!! AND I AM STILL NOT FINISHED!!!!!!!

Zumba is going great..better than's awesome, amazing!!!

I need addresses e-mailed to me if you are wanting a DVD....OLUVR, and SASSY, yours should arrive far I only have 30 minutes and the DVD is not fabulous...but I should have an hour one coming shortly :)

well, I have more to say but I won't. :) Just know that I am making SLOOOOOOOOOOW progress in my healing and forgiving department...but it is progress. :P

xoxoxoxoxoxxo Much Love to YOU.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cookie time with Mrs. Cindy while Mommy is in Fort Worth

No evidence of a mess and sugar rush time :)

This is the ONLY thing I bought on my 4 day trip..for the girl across the street..she is having baby girl #2 in less than a girl #1 will be 2 on April 2nd.

Jail Costumes that cost $1.90 each at Target :)

A lady at Zumba said our profiles are TWIN like.

Sam's skinny nose trick :P

this is Samantha after the lady told her she is JUST LIKE HER MOMMY. :P lol

well, my camera is cleared off now. :)
I called Ava took her a while to figure out who I was..because she couldn't hear me..but once we got to talking, it was great :) I wish I could be there to take care of her. :(

I am thinking about hiring Got Junk to come clean the rest of my "stuff"...I could use one of my monthly paychecks..but then when I think about that cost and what else I could do with the $$$ I think "ROBERTA! DO IT YOURSELF!"

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I love my night runs with Alex. :) QT hot chocolate is the most nummy and she is just quite funny :P
and being the private person she is..that is all I can say about that :) lol

Mia made a new friend at school..She is going on her first playdate tomorrow...the lady has SIX kids!!! She must be CRAZY!!! lol...I love her already!!! :D

We watched HOW TO TRAIN A DRAGON as a family tonight (well, minus Alex because she was at church but she wants to watch it tomorrow night, so maybe Encore for those that want to?)..I missed the very end because I had to pick Alex up from church. :P

We are picking up Alex's car tomorrow or Friday..depending on schedules..but it will be ready tomorrow after 3! I need to have her call the insurance company and all that jazz...

alrighty, I'm outtie..going to catch the last 15 minutes of StormChasers with my Man :) Good Night :)

Where in the world is Robbie Niccum???

LOL!!! I miss two days and it feels like a year to me :P

I am over here *WAVING BIG* and I am doing FABULOUS!!!! :) :) :)

I just got off the phone with a blast from Fort Smith past and it was WONDERFUL!!!

I say it all the time but I MISS MY PLAYGROUP!!!!!

well, that is all I have time for right now...I have all kinds of buzzers and timers going off ;P LOL


Monday, November 8, 2010

I have 5 minutes...
I was still super sleepy when I woke up this morning..yawning yawning yawning...I didn't know how I was going to make it through a class. :) But I did dance step after another. :)

I went to Target afterwards...I needed to pick up some DVD protectors..for the 6 DVDS I have so far..they are only 30 minutes long but they will have to do for now.

While I was at Target...there was this GORGEOUS basket...on clearance for $9.99..regular $39.99..I had it in my hand..I had it in the cart...and then I knew that I did not have a SPECIFIC place ro purpose for it and I put it back. :p... I haven't even looked at my HTCI book in a loooong time....but my Jessi friend told me about that part :)

so yes..I am proud of myself for something as small as would think I ran a marathon as big as I am smiling :) lol boys are in school..I am going to try to find my timer and catch a 10 minute nap before I have to pick them up..*YAWN!!!*

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I am home and I am exhausted. I was thrown back into my role as TOO MUCH FOR ME TO HANDLE immediately...but it's okay..I will be as graceful as possible and grateful for the time I had. :)

So I was upstairs gathering EVERYONE's laundry because EVERYONE had sleepovers while I was gone..Mike and the 4 young ones went out of town to his parents...3 suitcases full and Alex stayed with a friend (but thankfully she does do her own laundry)...well, there was this awful smell was AWFUL! I couldn't find I thought "I'll just keep cleaning until I come across it"...(I also put in a Simply Irresistible scentsy bar...)
Alex comes to me and says "I put coffee shop in my room earlier" ( a scentsy scent) I was like "NOOOO! THAT IS THE SMELL!!!! IT'S AWFUL!!!!!! I THOUGHT I HAD THROWN THAT AWAY!"
I looooove Scentsy...ya'll know that...but my friend gave me a Coffee Shop to try..she thought it smelled like dog pee...I thought diarrhea. :P LOL!! I am SOOOO GLAD we found the culprit smelling up my house! Now I can wait to clean until tomorrow..because I am not joking when I say "I am really really tired" This weekend was like a dream and I just woke up. :/ but it is a good thing :) :) :)

Zumba tomorrow..I hope I remember the songs :)

Happy Daylight Savings

Good Morning :) :) :) :)

I am going to bullet point for if I were writing in my own personal journal. Some people use their blogs as journals...mine is a communication source. To update anyone who may be new to my originated because I had the best group of girlfriends, in the whole wide world...and I of my girls recommended I blog..because it is much easier to keep up with someone on your own time than trying to do the phone call thing. I didn't really think I would like the "blog thing" but once you get me talking, I don't seem to stop. ;) so my blog is what I would say to you if we were on the phone but with the luxury of adding pictures if I so choose. (which I am awful about doing MOST of the time)

but today..because I did not bring my journal with me..I am going to talk to myself for a minute :)

My fascinating trip
1. the gift that it was
2. my time with David
3. my first round of Zumba DVDs
4. watching the "wet wipe" version of cooking
5. watching the Original Cinderella, she was a brunette :), and hot chocolate with whipped topping
6. a midnight phone call with the best friend who maybe needed to talk at that time. :)
7. Serving.
8. No Pudge Fudge Brownies with whipped topping
9. Shopping
10. Iced coffee
11. Walking away from the Cookie!!!! :P
12.Good Golly Miss Molly Pizza
13: the grocery store..they carry eggs by the 6 pack (HOW CUTE!)
14. Oatmeal cookies with salad fixins'. :)
15. Prayer time with Shelley
16. Getting an attitude adjustment YET AGAIN!
17. Text time with my daughter
18. Another midnight phone call with a different friend. :)
19. An Extra Hour
20 A new awakening to my Fresh Brewed Life :) :) :)

I am amazingly blessed. Thankful. Humbled. Forgiving.

I will leave here changed. I will take those steps toward TRUE forgiveness. I will do it for God. I will make Him proud of who He created. I will use my gifts for Him. I will try my best to keep my mouth shut when I need to and open it when I need to. :)
This house is amazing! The home is even better! (and I have my own suite here called the Robbie Niccum suite) I am not joking. My very own bedroom and full bathroom better than any hotel.

(I even had Chick Fil A on my trip! :p) it always seems to be about the food :P lol

OH MY GOSH!!! I know I had told ya'll that I got into a 6 jeans...but usually my dress size is much larger...I got into a size 6 pretty dress!!! without any struggle! I was sooooooooo surprised! and excited! and surprised! I want to hit the consignment stores!!! Daddy? Can I have some money please? :) Thank you :)

I was given a book this weekend that I am SURE I will be sharing parts of it with you. :) :) :) Tidbits :)

I love you guys! Talk soon...I need to get ready to go to the airport. :) :) :)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Here is what I know.
This trip was AWESOME!!!!
I thought I was going to sit down and write about it and as soon as I got in position to type,  my eyes started closing..I think I better sleep..I haven't slept much and tomorrow I go home..I need to be well rested :)
serving others is ALWAYS more satisfying than being "served". :) I am going to have SO much to tell you when I get back...But I may be SO busy hugging my husband and children that I may not find time..and then once I get back to my Zumba classes? Forget it :P LOL...

Not really, I will try to find time to write tomorrow :)

oh shoot I missed Friday by 2 minutes!

it's 12:03 now!  :P

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am shutting down the computer because I decided I MUST take it with me. :) See you all tomorrow :)
AAAHHHHH!!!! I want to do one million things before I go!


I don't really have time to catch up on everyone's blogs but I wanted to peek in on my MOMSGONE GODLY super quick just because I felt I needed to....if you have a minute to read her post MY CHILD..please has made my day :)

Good Morning Woody :)

Sweet Siler

Loving the Christmas Tree

I don't know about the colors of the stockings. :) SO FUNNY! When we bought the stockings, we only had 4 daughters and for SOME REASON bought an extra blue one....HONEST! I HAD NOOOOOO PLANS ON HAVING MORE CHILDREN!!! and then we got Zach AND Siler :) so Mama had to go out and buy her blinged out Santa Stocking and I am trying to make sure the boys have the more "masculine" colored stockings..but then that rearranges the girls colors :P lol.....I should have stuck with all the same color and just had names embroidered with all my extra time and cash :P LOL...

I am thankful for my blessings this morning and the kids are SOOOOO happy the stuff is up...that makes it Christmas, right??? I only have 2 more months of "IS IT CHRISTMAS?" to go :) :) :) lol
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

and to all a good night

I am tired. tired tired. :)
I would love to say that all my labor has paid off..but I have the room on my left in toy shambles and the room on my right in Christmas shambles.
The kids wanted to put the tree up but nobody really got into it so there is just a pile of decorations all over. *sigh and if I had bangs, I would blow them up right now* :P LOL!!!!

but it's okay..I am going to bed...hopefully I will be asleep before 10..and then I will wake up joyful and ready to go...I will be in somewhat panic mode because I am not at all ready to leave..and I just realized my flight leaves at 7, not 8:45 pm....I ARRIVE in Fort Worth at 8:45 :P yes, I am that dorky, I thought I ws leaving at 8:45...oh my gosh...National Niccum (lampoon) Vacation starting early!!! lol

I have not read anyone's blogs but I will hopefully catch up with ya'll Friday when my friend will be at work and I will be in her fancy, clean home, kid free. Me, my Bible and notebook, her garden, and hopefully a computer :) :) :) ( I do NOT feel like toting my laptop so if she doesn't have one for me to use I will be computer free until Sunday night..GASP!)

Good night friends...:)

Today is the Day YOU have made, I will Rejoice and be Glad in it :)

Maybe I am a little can let me know :)
7 trashbags full of clothes and misc items and I still wanted more..I should be more than proud of myself, yes?
Not to mention the amounts of trashbags of things PITCHED. :)
well, this is the same amount of bags but whichever one looks more impressive, go with that one :) LOL
( I am still wondering what else I can throw out there before they's addicting!)

I teach Zumba this morning and then I start packing for this weekend.
I actually got pictures DEVELOPED so I can mail them to my Grandma in ElPaso and my AVA in Fort Smith. (they don't e-mail :P)
Life is Good...No drama...I'm Done. :)

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

quick drop in

I am trying to get a video from my camcorder to the computer so I can make chapters, burn DVDS and send them to my friends so they can ZUMBA with me from their home.

God is working on this heart of mine..making it soft towards those who have hurt me..I am assuming this whole process is going to take a while but knowing it has started is a relief. I don't want to be the hard hearted monster. :)

The 9 year old girl that I have been praying for since May..has went home to Jesus. two days ago. The reality that parents have lost a 9 year old daughter cannot be real to me...I know she is dancing in heaven, headache and pain free...but please say a prayer for the parents? Father, comfort them in this time of sorrow..and please, when their mourning time is over....give them fabulous memories of the life she lived and turn their mourning into dancing a celebration of life...
When I Zumba-ed was a celebration of LIFE in Courtney's honor...
we never met, but I loved her.

Tonight is the last night to get "stuff" gathered..The charity people are coming tomorrow :) Tomorrow night we are putting the Christmas tree up..and then I leave Thursday..through Sunday....I am already excited to get home and be a refreshed Momma for my kiddos :) :) :)

well, I don't know when I will be back (everytime I say that I am back like 20 times that day :P) but know that I love you and think of you :) :) :) and pray for great blessings for you. :) Hug those that you love..LOTS :) (((((HUGS)))))