Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hope my Zumba girls NEVER ask me what I eat at home

My next door neighbor is a drug rep and I don't know what that has to do with desserts ( I guess she takes her clients desserts? and always has stuff left over?) but she keeps sending over these scrumptious desserts (like Cheesecake Factory cheesecake with red velvet in between) and Bread Co desserts and Starbucks desserts...and I KEEP EATING THEM!!!!!

Thank God for Zumba 5 days a week!!!!

I am thinking, by Christmas, I may have a TOP TEN things I love about Zumba :P

I am doing a free class this Friday for some high school girls. I am SOOO excited :) Phone ringing..Love you!

taking a QUICK break

I am doing the clothes changeover. We are truly blessed beyond words. I love that we have more than we need and are able to pay it forward. :)

I guess I should drink a tall glss of cold water and get back to work. :) I am getting a small pile together for consignment and as I am , I remember why I DON'T consign. The time it takes for me to iron is not worth the pay and I love just giving it away. BUT! I have already invested some time ironing and I am going to go ahead and take some stuff THIS time...but it will probably be my LAST.

planning a family vacation

I am getting SOOOOO excited!!!! We are going to see SO MANY great friends!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you have to know I am smiling while I type :P

Last night I was taking the kids to DQ. It was a fundraiser for Alex's Youth Group. When we got there, Zachary could not find his flip flop. I got in the back of the van (where I never go) and I about had a HEART ATTACK! WE ARE A HOARDERS EPISODE!!! now, little did I know that I was going to get my monthly visitor this morning...but even so, I think I would have freaked out on a non hormonal day....I'm yelling "get back in the van, we just have to go home." they are all crying..I am like "why are you crying? you all did this...NONE of this crap is mine" they are crying louder..I am grabbing the large trash bag (that I already had in the van..there's a sign for you, we are in the van waaaay too much:P) and just start throwing stuff away..OOOHHHH MY GOOOOOSH!...anyway, I found the flip flop, wiped their tears, took them inside to eat, and said "SO HELP ME THIS VAN IS GETTING CLEANED OUT RIGHT AFTER ZUMBA TOMORROW...."
well, it did get cleaned out, not vacuumed, yet...but now my HOUSE looks like hoarders from all the stuff brought in. *letting out a huge sigh* :)

can I get a hand raise if you have been here before? :P :P :P lol
so when I told God I wanted to be His hands and feet yesterday, he has taken me up on it and given me two opportunities. :) and I do not say this boastfully, it is just FUNNY.

yesterday I finished teaching a class, had 4 young ones with me, we were HUNGRY...we went to get Alex from work and while there..this lady bought a HEAVY exercise machine that would NOT fit in her we threw it in the van and I followed her home and helped her carry it to the basement.

today, I just finished teaching a class, had four young ones in my van, we were hungry, on our way home...this man in front of me in a red truck with LOTS of mattresses in the bed of the truck. He was trying to turn left at a light but people would NOT Let him in...I was sooo upset for he turned right (the direction I was going)...I am driving along talking to a friend and here come the mattresses and bunk his bed in front of my van...(I said a bad word because it scared the bejeebeez out of me)..he pulled over quickly and so did I...I wanted to help him put the mattresses back on the truck.....well, the bunk beds fit and there were more mattresses already in his truck..the other twin and full were NOT going to work..and he says to me "the lady had these covered, if I would have known what bad shape they were in, I would not have taken them, but I can't just leave them here on the side of the road." so I say "throw them in my van, I'll dispose of them for you."...I go open the back of my van and Mia yells "I KNEW IT!!!!" and then they all ask "Are we following him home???" lol...
I teach class tomorrow, we'll see what happens then. :P
Guys, Seriously. I want to cry. Why won't this headache go away? My stomach is tired of Excedrin. I am going to have to try some Aleve or something.

Alexandria pulled an all nighter (again. she did this last week, I think?) she is so upset about a couple of things. It is hard watching teens go through their things.
the point of that is I could hear her shuffling around last night, a lot.
She is an "upset cleaner"...she totally rearranged her room. It's funny how NOW I KNOW..if her room is destroyed, all is well in her life...if it's clean, that means something's eating her. Makes me grateful for the messy room. :p

I am going to brew some coffee and hopefully get some alone time with's been a while..I have not been getting up until the boys wake me and that means NO ALONE TIME. :/

Have a great day and if you pray, please ask God to heal my head...I am thinking about x-rays on my neck...wondering if I really did something.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have run out of fuel and I am really really tired. :p
headache headache headache...trying to stay positive positive positive...

Siler is going through some c.b.s (crabby boy syndrome)...lots of whining.

Mike is keeping track of everything he eats through some app on his phone. It has a bar code scanner. yes, you heard me right. When I was keeping track of my foods eaten, I would go to and have to MANUALLY enter all of the nutritional information...he simply points his phone at the barcode label, pushes the button, and the info is transferred into his phone.
The smoothies he makes are phenomenal for vitamins and minerals..and like hardly any calories....last night's was spinach, kale, chard, berries, carrot, vanilla protein....I don't know if he added an apple or not...I am NOT is NOT bad's not like a brownie or cheesecake, but it's seriously not like gagging..and then when you know all the nutritional value you are adding to your body? It's SOOOO worth it. :)

I pray you have a blessed day. My only goal today, besides ridding of this headache, is to be His. I want so much to be God's Face of Love here on this earth. I want to be His Hands and His Feet and His Voice. I want to love everyone around me...yes, I said everyone...

Monday, September 27, 2010

Burned 681 calories at Zumba today. I had not danced since Thursday and there was no holding Mama back! :) It was SOOOOO fantastic!

and then, the headache crept back. SERIOUSLY? I am really thinking Excedrin 6 days in a row is NOT good. I wonder if I should make a Dr. appt...but I can't imagine what they could do for me. I have been going to the chiro faithfully....maybe it's just the neck stuff working itself out and going out my head? asdhasdhasd, is what I think about it!

We went on our girl's a consignment shop and my girls have more tops than they need, but I will get them washed and hung up. Mia got black boots, brown boots, and super cute black shoes. They didn't have any for Sam, but we'll get her some. :) we now have to go for the bottoms. :/ the dreaded bottoms that will cover their butts and hit the ground and fit through the waist, hips, and legs. :) I will pray before we go :) Thou Shalt Not Dread. :P LOL!!!!!
I just went and looked at Oluvr's blog and ASJDAJSDASX!!!! I LOVE HER HOUSE!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her house!!! It is a style that I myself, could NEVER pull off...and I think it may have a lot to do with it being CLEAN too. :P, it's soooo cool and I cannot wait to see it with my own two eyes. :)

Mike and I ran out for less than 2 hours last night. After the RAMS WON!!! their game...he looked up Marshall's store hours and they closed at 8, it was about 6:30..I asked ALex if she would mind, she said "no" and out the door we go. I am looking for boots. I wish I would have taken pictures at the store...I didn't see any adult ones I liked, BUT! IN the KID section (yes, I can wear a size 5 kids and if you are a women's 7, you can too!)
I found THREE different boots I like...but since they ARE kids..they don't go to my knee, more like to the top of my calf? I asked Mike if they looked okay, and all he said is they look cheap. They were $15 because they were kids...if they had been adults, they would have been $99. :P They ARE cheap :) I just need my personal shopper. but seriously! I could have got all 3 for the price of 1 adult pair....(one was PLAIN black, one was black with studs, and one was patent leather black with some red at the top ;p)

I didn't run yesterday, so I am going now. I have to teach at 10 this morning and then Sam, Mia, and I are having a Girl's Day!!! NO CLEANING! Just FUN :)

I love you lots. Have a peaceful, productive, joyful Monday :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I love when I post my TODO list and it goes NOTHING as planned. :P

Would you believe I FORGOT about a birthday lunch I had planned?????
well, today was the day Alex and I were SUPPOSED to go to the Rams game and Zumba dance at Halftime. The Zumba Dance got cancelled, so my girlfriend asked me if she could take me to P.F.Chang's and I said "OF COURSE!" but it was as I was running, throwing kids in the van, on my way to who knows where? and I didn't write it in my calendar!!! So when she calls this morning asking me what's up and I start RATTLING OFF all my plans, she asks, "Are we still on for lunch?" OOH MY GOSH!!! OF COURSE!!!!!!!!

Lunch was perfect. The food and the conversation. The time alone with my friend.

I went from there to Trader Joe's and grabbed some food and when I got home, my day 5 headache got me. INSTANTLY. I am thinking there is something in my house. I'm not joking.

I couldn't even stay awake to watch football with Mike. He would wake me with screams when we would score but I would fall back asleep. The game is still going on and Mike is at Costco getting the stuff we need. I finally gave in and took Excedrin AGAIN because I have to do laundry and get stuff done and I don't know about you, but I cannot CANNOT operate with a pounding head. I am excited for my chiropractor appt. tomorrow.

My husband is the best. I love him and appreciate him sooo much.
It is Sunday morning. We are out of coffee. I am having a hot chocolate. A hazelnut hot chocolate made with almond milk. mmm mmmm

Mike cleaned up a mess that I have been looking at for MONTHS. I don't know why I always feel so sluggish when it comes to housework. I feel like I can't do it with all these kiddos..yet he just GETS IT DONE. I will not dwell on it. I will just be grateful he did it and I don't have to look at it anymore. :)

Today, I need to run 8 miles.
I want to go shoe shopping.
The Rams game is on at 3:05.
I need to go throw my Zumba clothes in the wash RIGHT NOW so they have time to hang dry before 10am class tomorrow...and the rest of the week classes.
I also need to get some cds ripped into my laptop.
AND I need to spend some quality time with all my sweethearts :) :) :)
I didn't see Alex when she came in last night from Homecoming. I hope she did okay and had a great time.
I was teaching Sam and Mia to play Rummy again last night. Sam is a card shark like her momma. and Mia cries when she loses. :( You feel bad for them but then she can't always win and has to learn that. :(

well, it seems I have some stuff to do so I should go...

oh yea, need to run to Costco and somewhat try to get a REALISTIC meal plan for this week. :)

I love you all!!!! See you soon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday September 25th 4:37 pm rambles

I just got back from a Women's Conference. It was pretty awesome.
A former Miss USA was the speaker and there was a singer there..if I tried to spell her name I would butcher it and I don't feel like Googling it, I am THAT tired. :)

I am not used to not talking about my feelings, and this is my though I don't want to be a downer, I also don't want to be FAKE.

Without getting into details, all I am going to say, is my heart has been broken. I am going to be okay. I am keeping my head up and moving on. Life is a precious gift and I want to accept that gift with celebration. What I learned this weekend, is that God WANTS me to come to him with my pain. Just as it hurts me when I see my teens crying and they don't want to talk about it with hurts the Creator when I try to keep my chin up and not talk to Him about it. He wants my tears. He WANTS to help me through it...I am not weak because I am broken...I am strong because I will continue to fight what is worth fighting for..and that is JOY..that is PEACE...that is my LIFE that people want to share with me. :)
Thank you for being here and being a part of my life.

I had to get this out because..I will be talking about "other things" and for those of you that have been following me for a while, I didn't want you to be confused and be like "did she take up airhead as a profession? What's all this talk about pink lips?" lol....I am still here , the same person, with the same big caring heart...I'm just taking a little time for my heart to be restored...and it WILL be restored. :) :) :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rambles, pull up a chair and grab the popcorn :P

I will check out these links one day when I feel I have time to do so...

you are maybe wondering "well, she's blogging, doesn't THAT count as "spare time?" and then there are those of you that KNOW..that just because you got to read this all at one time...doesn't mean it all got put down at the "same time". :P

Since this is a NEW blog I will tell you a little about me.....sometimes I type in "real time" and tell you everytime I stop to grab coffee or fold a load of laundry , etc...LOL

Right now..I am sitting here with my Day 3 throbbing headache and I don't feel like "concentrating " on a video about lips..because when I watch it..I will be pad and paper in hand and then looking up prices and yea...I sound a little superficial here but you would have to know me...I was QUEEN of "take care of everyone but me" and I got BURNED OUT! well, Lord knows my honey works hard for the $$$ and now that I want to "take care" of me...I want to get what I KNOW I will LOVE....I go to WalMart/Target?etc. and try different shades of pinks and they are $4-$7 dollars..I get home, they look awful on me and either my little girls get them or they go to the trash can because I don't want to continue to look at my mistake and waste of money....SO! I am going to do my research and get Perfect Pink Lips from Kandee Johnson, the most amazing make-up artist I know. :)

In other news...I was talking to Sam and Mia and we were discussing names. I had quoted something from Princess Diaries II "I look like a moose" "well, you make all the male moose go HHHHAAAAAAWWWWWW!" I don't know why that came up in conversation, but ANYWAY..
Mia "Who was that? Princess??????"
Sam "Princess MIA!"
Me "yea, Mia , her name was Amelia! I wonder if that is why I named you that?"
Sam "yea, didn't Sophia and ALex used to watch that when they were young?"
Me "I don't know! I know I named you Samantha because I like boys names, like Robbie, Alex, and Sam...what name would YOU have picked?"
Mia "Bella"
Me "Like Isabella, but called Bella?"
Mia "YEA!"
me "well, your middle name is Isabelle...I guess you could go by your middle name....your cousin in Texas is Andrea Celeste and she goes by Celeste and your grandmother is Maria Carmen but goes by Carmen"
and then I it some "mexican thing" or do MANY people go by their middle names? I know I only mentioned two but it just made me wonder..
HOW WEIRD WOULD IT BE IF MIA WENT BY BELLA? Of course it would be REALLY weird for us here...but once she got to like Jr. High? (which here is 6th grade..weird!)

ok, head pounding...I guess I have to go find my Tic Tacs...I mean, my Excedrin..I have been taking them SO OFTEN they feel like Tic Tacs :(

other things on my list to do
take some recent pics of my beauties and upload them :)
Get back on track with my House That Cleans Itself book... Maybe have it a goal t be done with it by Christmas? That sounds like a great goal!

We need so little from our home right now...there is clutter that is not bringing ANYONE joy. I am starting to get adjusted to my teaching schedule so I can figure out my time a little better...

oh my goodness, when I was preparing to teach Zumba...I got the job on Aug 2nd and was starting September 1st..from SCRATCH..I didn't know ONE song! That was ALL I did! Watch videos, dance videos, memorize dances, and on to the next one....
I do need to learn a few new songs a month to throw in the routine..but it won't EVER be like it was in the beginning.

ok...also on my list of things to do....I don't REALLY "want" to do this but being a want-to-be responsible mom....feed my family. When I started teaching, I dropped the ball. I didn't really have a handle on the ball anyway. I hate cooking. If it were up to me, we would all eat a yogurt, banana, and a handful of almonds and call it a night. I am assuming my family would like a little more than that. so I am hoping with the new fellow bloggers I will be following..ya'll can help me get on track...I'll at least have some accountability.

I mentioned earlier that I can see a change in my body........I have not been running for almost 2 weeks, and I have accidently lost like 3-4 pounds. My jeans are baggy and my Zumba shirts are getting bigger on me.

I was talking to this guy who is a dancer and was in the Marines and he said "running does not burn fat, it burns sugar and though it is great for your heart, it does NOT assist in losing weight or body fat" THAT would explain why I have been running my hiney off and had stayed EXACTLY where I started weight wise! Oh My Gosh!!!

so now I am glad I have running under my belt...if ever I am feeling SUPER stressed, I can run instead of smoking or getting drunk..but for my everyday cardio, besides Zumba, I can just walk. :) Which means I can take girlfriends with me!!!! Girls are much more likely to walk with me, than run with me, and when you run, you can't Talk. I am so excited! :)

uuummmmm....that's enough on my To DO list. All that, plus my Celebrating Everyday Life with my kids is PLENTY!....
I doubt I will make it back on here before Monday..I have a very busy weekend planned. I pray you have a super fun,super safe, super blessed weekend. I love each and everyone of you.

I forgot to tell you about my FABULOUS birthday!!!!
I woke up in the morning and went to make coffee (as I ALWAYS do) and I hear this marching coming up from behind me

HEAR ME OUT!! you know on Wizard of Oz, the witch's crew who go *march march march march* "OH EE OH OOOOH OOH" THAT is the sound of marching I heard. :P and I turn around to look at them (Mike, Sam, and Mia) and say "GOOD MORNING!" and they ask "WHAT ARE YOU DOING UP??? you're supposed to be in bed, GO BACK TO BED!" so I laugh and run with my tail between my legs , back to bed and twiddle my thumbs...I AM NOT ONE TO GO BACK TO BED ONCE I AM UP!!!! Hence my MANY 4am excursions. :)

I am laying in bed and I hear them coming UP the stairs, no marching this time. :P and Sam is carrying a plate with eggs and toast, Mia is carrying a carton of half and half and Mike has my coffee. :) I asked "can I be awake now?" and we all laughed. :) (Mike makes the BEST scrambled eggs by the way! He has a way of keeping the heat low and taking his time and they turn out PERFECT everytime...I don't have the patience for cooking!)
the girls gave me my presents...homemade bookmarks and pictures drawn..PRECIOUS!

on a happy/sad reminded me of one year that Sophia and Alex tried to surprise me with something on my birthday....and I got really mad at them.and if there was one day I could take back in my life...believe it or not...THAT would be my one day chosen.(I don't want to get into that whole explanation right now because I am already in deep with my current story.)

Mike had previously asked me what I wanted for my birthday and my reply was "shoes" which he CANNOT get for me on his own so I was going to have to wait to go shopping (and with our amount of children and schedule I will be waiting a while :P).

(I wanted to ask him for 6 shades of lipcolor to create the PERFECT PINK LIPS but I know that would've scared him off. LOL I am sure I will come back to THAT story at a another time because I am still determined to get the perfect pink lips!!!)

Mike looks at me and says "I have a little something for you" and he hands me a Veggie Tale one year devotional for us to do with the kids every was the most precious gift!!! (he said I still get shoes but he thought we could all use the devotions :P)

THAT whole story to tell you about last night.

side story..the night before last night..I had a throbbing, what felt like a migraine, so when they were doing the devotion, I was laying with my arm over my eyes but I was listening...these devotions are like 50 words or less...SHORT STORIES!!! I FELL ASLEEP!!!! I felt sooo bad when I woke up yesterday morning (both because my head was STILL pounding and because I had fallen asleep!)

SO! LAST NIGHT I said "Let ME read the devotion so I stay awake!" lol and it was about memorizing the verse "today is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it: Psalm (I am going to guess 118:24?)
so Zachary JUMPS up and runs upstairs to get his CD that plays that song and next thing I know there is jumping on the couches and dancing and singing of that song..(which I love!)

Good! Great Night! We had to explain why it is IMPORTANT to celebrate EVERYDAY and I told my children..because we are never guaranteed tomorrow.and I am sure that sounds morbid and they cannot comprehend it but it's the TRUTH...any one of us can go in an instant. so I choose to do my BEST to celebrate daily.... :) (we all know there are bumps in the road that knock me out of my party now and then, but I will ALWAYS get back up again!)

We go to bed happy. and THEN Siler turns to me and says "My ear hurts" and that was the beginning of a loooooong night of crying. oh my gosh I felt awful! I gave him Motrin and I [somewhat] slept in the recliner, holding him. We woke up several times in the middle of the night. My sweet sweet baby. :(
I remember Sophia would hurt real bad like that when she got ear infections. I would feel AWFUL! My first and my last are the only ones affected like that. :/....I am waiting for 8:00 so I can take my baby to Urgent Care and get him his meds.
at least it is his ear and not something contagious...depending on how he's acting I can still go to my friend's today...she has a little boy that was actually due the EXACT day Siler was due! :)

okay..I have DEFINITELY rambled more than normal this morning...I guess I am just SOOOOOOO excited about my new blog and my new life. :)

xoxoxxoxoxoxo Love you!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

619 calories burned at Zumba tonight. :)
I had a throbbiing headache all day so I took Excedrin right before I went..I don't know why it affected me sooooo weird, but it did....I couldn't stop giggling...and I felt loopy...they were cracking up at me. :P

Mike is grilling some chicken, steak, and mushrooms (mmmmmm) and I am making some corn on the cob....gotta run!
My internet has been acting weirdo on my computer today....I wonder if it was from the kids playing Webkins?
it's Thursday. A friend came over today so we could learn new Zumba songs..she is as Adult A.D.D as me! holy smokes! We jumped from this convo to that convo and I don't think we got much Zumba accomplished :P but fun was had by all. :)
I haven't taken scissors to my own hair in a long time and I did yesterday. I don't know if I made it better or worse or if my hair is sooo stinking thick (no, God, I'm not complaining *looking up*) that it made no difference? lol..I could use some serious color..I don't know what kind of color? Lighter, darker, highight, lowlight? I would love to just call Lisa Rinna and be like "Can I borrow your hair lady?" lol
If all goes as planned, I am going to another friend's house tomorrow to watch Biggest Loser and let the kids play. She has it on DVR so we can skip through commercials. I saw a little bit on Tuesday and there was one lady I wanted to , um, gosh, I was going to say "strangle" but as I was getting ready to write it down, I realized how harsh that sounds :P
well, anyway..I wanted her to move her hiney and fight for what she said she wanted, but she did not. She was a big ol' Drama Queen!!!
well, I just looked at the time and I have to get going...I am teaching tonight :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE teaching Zumba! This one girl took pictures of herself before her first class and took more after her 7th class and there is already a difference!!!!! It's AMAZING! I am starting to see a difference in myself too. I will have to come back and tell you more about that later. you!

Brand New Start :)

I needed a fresh blog. :)