Monday, February 28, 2011

Have you ever seen the Saved by the Bell episode where Jessi starts taking caffeine pills because she is so busy and a perfectionist and she overslept before a big performance and when Zach goes to wake her it goes something like
Zach "Jessi, you're late!"
Jessi, jumping out of bed "I HAVE TO GET READY"
Zach" Jessi! There's no time."
Jessi...fists down by her side "no time, NO TIME!!! THERE NEVER IS ANY TIME!!!!!"

yea, that's how I feel, minus the caffeine pills and perfectionism. :P

Same story, different day...

Friday, February 25, 2011

I don't know.
I don't really feel like I have anything interesting to tell you.
it's Friday morning at 5am...
I have been up for an hour
I don't know that I have accomplished much.
I checked our account online
I have balanced the checkbook..
I should do that more often
I put it off because of DREAD
but when I do it I am always relieved
one,because I normally have not bounced anything
I made coffee
I avoided turning on the television because I didn't feel like crying over those in other countries..
I don't have it in me..and I feel weird being in this place.
I know God would like me to spend time with Him
I know He is here and available
I just don't know.

I know that I wish my blog was like cheerful and interesting and full of beautiful pictures and neat updates on my family..
I know that if I really wanted that ...well, I was going to say I could change it..but honestly..that wouldn't be "me".
so this is me, telling you, I don't know.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

seriously laughing out loud!!!! I sit to blog for the first time in days and my dryer buzzed...:P

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

okay...I am trying to find time to write but everytime I sit down to do it someone or something else needs me. GRRR.

SO..I went to church two weeks ago and loooved all got that...I took the kids to KIDS NIGHT OUT..they loved it...I took them last Sunday and Mike went with me...
the message was AWESOME..

CLIFFNOTES: The Bible is a SWORD..a weapon against the stupid devil's lies...

A weapon in the wrong hands is a dangerous thing.
Like when Peter was trying to protect Jesus in the garden and he cut the soldier's ear off...the pastor asked "DID YOU EVER WONDER WHY HE CUT THE GUY'S EAR OFF?" ( I actually never gave it much thought really) the pastor said "he was probably aiming for his throat..but Peter was NOT a soldier and didn't know how to use his sword....he was a fisherman..and if you read the Bible you know he wasn't a very good fisherman either.
 "what'd you catch,Peter?" *pouty face* "nuthin" LOL

The Bible is NOT a paddle..and NOT a club...:)
we should not be legalistics, strict rule followers (Pharisees) or "anything goes" (Saducees)

and the one thing he said that really stuck with me
"a closed Bible is no better than NO Bible" made me think about the healthy food I have in my home that I don't eat (out of laziness)..just having it in my house doesn't count...:P

We went back on Wednesday night..the kids were super excited to go...
of course as I was trying to get them ready to go..feeding them dinner and making the girls shower before church because I knew it'd be last when we got home..and the house was a super tornado and I just want to get out the door....
 Siler's nose started bleeding and Mike called the house to let me know his car battery was dead (we works 30 minutes away)....I felt a little bad but not really when I said "Sweetie, you are going to have to call AAA.I am not missing church! (it was the first night of the Bible study I am Genesis)

Got to church...the kids all go to different ends of the church :P holy moly
I FINALLY get to my class, a little late..the class is FULL!!!!
 there are two empty the 3rd row right in the middle and the 2nd to last row in the middle of people...and these tables are close together so it's even harder than a movie theater to get
so I squeeze myself in and I say "my husband might be coming" and the people in the back row are like "her husband may be coming" like with sincere concern in a nice way...
but the class staretd and because of the snow they were a week behind in their previous study so we to hear the last lesson on whatever study they had been doing..
 I texted Mike and said "Don't worry about coming" I didn't want him stressing about getting there late when we weren't even doing "our"  study.

but Gosh I wish he could have been there!!!! The last lesson was about the millineum...
I have heard the words "tribulation" "armageddon" and "millineum" but they didn't really mean anything to me....Armageddon was a movie with Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck...when I hear millineum, I think the biggest sale of the millineum....
and I discovered that YOU DO NOT WANT TO BE HERE FOR THE TRIBULATION!!! oh my gosh!!!
My eyes were heart was POUNDING out of my eyes were as wide as they could get, my mouth was hanging open...I was..there are no words to describe what I was feeling...

The children..that was all I could think about...God, the children...I don't want children here during the tribulation!!!!!
Then I got to thinking what children already go through today and I won't go there with you all because you know how I get...

but the reality hit me..about Jesus and His Word, the Bible and how REAL it CRAZY it is the prophesies and what has come true and I am not going to stand on the street corner holding a sign saying THE END IS NEAR..or anything like that (I don't think that is very effective) but I understand the desperation those people feel..and why they hold those is serious stuff!

I know I am going to heaven and I pray my children are going...I can't get them there..they have to make that decision on their own...but I pray pray pray that they make that believe, to trust, and to follow's not always easy but it's ALWAYS worth it...

I pray if you have not made that choice..that you's not a don't want to be here for the 7 years of don't want your children to be here for the tribulation...if you have can e-mail me
I will do my best to explain. :)
What they did show me in the Bible is "it will take an entire days' wages for one meal"
 food will be that scarce and hard to get...
ok, I am going to be quiet now :):) :) :)

...okay I have to say one more thing

I always wanted people to know Jesus..because of the GOOD he brings..It's Peaceful, Joyful,Hopeful, Good Stuff....but it's so much more than that now.

but I am still me..Ms Optimistic Zumba Mama..with LOTS of Love for YOU! and you and YOU :) :) :)

Taught two classes today..I think they were AWESOME :)
Came home and napped..Thank you Michael for letting me. :)
I am getting ready to go get Alex from work...I am going to drive her car so she can drive home...
I need to return a LATE book to the library and WAAAAY Late DVDs to the Red Box....I will NOT tell you how long I have had the NetFlix DVD in our home but I WILL tell you that we never need to rent or borrow stuff...I know people tell me to make the specific day to do these errands and where to place them so they will get returned and all those great suggestions.....I am not mature enough or I guess have enough willpower, want to, organization...blah blah blah blah blah blah.
On a bright note...I'm smiling :) :) :)


Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrating Life...I haven't been able to read your blog for at LEAST two weeks...when I click on it , only your beautiful cake picture shows up and there is not a scroll down button for me....:( I hope eveything is going good over there. :)
February 18th...Friday Night...

I am sitting here waiting for my toenails to dry...I used a chocolate scrub a friend gave me and then painted them pink :) It's that time of the year that I am going to have to shop for a pair of sandals and they always look better with "pimped piggies" :P lol

so the church is awesome..
I took the kids to KIDZ NIGHT OUT last Friday night and when we pulled in the parking lot Zach yelled "THIS IS THE CHURCH I LOOOVE!"

well..that was nice..I sit down to blog for the first time in a long time and Siler got a hold of the nail polish I was just using and painted our comforter. Thank God it wasn't our new quilt..but it is bad.
well, now I have lost that writing feeling. :/

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

tripod drop off-check
ortho appt.-check
dropped Alex off at work

caught up with a friend via phone chat

almost made it into the meat market
and still have WalMart to do. :/
need to pick up Alex from work and get her to church..
excited for spring to come, or at least the snow to go away so Alex can practice driving again and get her license!

I better go pick up stuff..the girls will be home soon.

I want to start video blogging soooo much..I wish I was a natural techie.
:) it's Wednesday's going to be a busy day...
I got up at 4:30..messed around on the computer with
went to the grocery store (laughed my hiney off at the v-day cards)
got the kids ready
getting ready to take Zachary to the dentist
have to go to Walmart, Costco, meat market
Alex has an ortho appt. before I take her to work

I AM NOT AN ADVOCATE FOR ENERGY DRINKS but if I was..I'd need one today :P

oh and somewhere in there I need to run by my work to drop off a tripod I borrowed MONTHS ago and maybe pick up a paycheck..

I did not get my DVD done in time for V-DAY like I hoped..well, I guess V-DAY is not here yet. :P

I better run..I wish my van was not on EMPTY so I could let it warm up before we go..but I am going to be praying as it is to get to the gas station that is one mile away. :/

I hope your day is fabulous and full of rest :) or productiveness :)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

so here is what I know...

church today was AWESOME!
It was exactly where I needed and wanted to be..
I cannot wait until next Sunday!

Guess what the message was about? FAITH. Not joking.
Guess what his next series is on..
Spiritual Gifts...

I was about to fall out of my chair with excitement.

There is a Bible Study starting on the 16th..on Genesis...I invited my husband to join me but I am going regardless..I am soooo excited that I have a family that I just haven't met yet...

and KNOW that the minute I feel like I am being disobedient or rebellious, I am OUT but guys, IT WAS AWESOME!!!! and when I picked my daughters up they were excited and want to go back...
SO! If my husband still wants to attend the other church...that is fine...we will be double church dippers...but I have found the church the kids and I want to attend.
I just took a spiritual gift survey..I have not done that in a while..
wanna see my scores?
25 is the highest you can get....

prophesy and teaching-9

my highest ones were

Hospitality-all 22
and FAITH-24 :) :) :)

I try to not take that gift of faith for granted...there are so many times that I am thankful for it. it is my favorite gift and I want to keep sharing it with others. :)

so I really want to go to this other church. I am soooo drawn to it...Mike wants to go to a different one...and I know I know that people are going to say "wives submit to your husbands" but my husband (and I am saying this in the MOST respectful way..) is not leading us....he chose the church but we NEVER go and I am sorry..I am not being a snot...I don't feel it there....

here's what I know...I am getting the children ready and I am taking them to church today....if God convicts me while I am there I won't go back...but I really really really really have felt drawn there for a LOOONG time. This pastor speaks TRUTH unapologetically..but with love...

we'll see what happens.

Friday, February 4, 2011

well, I have danced around every subject I can think of to avoid the ONE subject that I want to avoid most. I am sorry I have been boring you to tears about ZUMBA..there really is more to my life :P LOL!!!

I believe in my heart that I passed a test yesterday...Not as dramatic as an Abraham and Isaac test...(if you don't know the story...God gave Abraham a son, Isaac, when Abraham was like 90??? and THEN for whatever reason..God asked Abraham to "sacrifice" Issac...I know this sounds crazy and ridiculous..I didn't write the book...all I know is Abraham listened and obeyed God..and as he was taking his son up the mountain to sacrifice him..God stopped him...God had seen Abraham's heart and was pleased.)...

yesterday I was subbing a class in the was very near my mom's house. as I was tinkling in the morning I thought "I should stop by my mom's and hug her" SAY WHAT?!?! (God that had to be you because I wouldn't think that!).....then when I got in my van to go sub I was like "yea, I am going to do it! I am going to stop in and hug my mom..I won't be able to stay because I will be super sweaty and Alex would be at home with the young ones..but I'll go."
I did the class (WHICH WAS AWESOME by the way,..I MIGHT come back to this) and I was still going to her house...
Sophia called...asked me if I could meet her somewhere and I tell her..I am coming to your house..she is like one is there...
I will stop there without getting into too much of my mom's personal life but yea..I thought she would be there

I am not sad that she wasn't.
I am just glad that I was, at least, willing.