Tuesday, May 31, 2011

3:24am.....I just gave myself bangs.

Worked hard this weekend....dance studio shaping up....

Did not get around to staining the floor :/
or painting the walls :P
I shouldn't be so nervous about the condition of my home....
well, a little....they are paying to come to a place and dance...
but then again..the skating rink was not really warm and inviting. :P lol...
but the sound system ROCKED! :)

I was so excited when I told Christina the next DVD will be made down here :P :) :) :)

I better try to go back to bed...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

it's 6:55am and I am giving myself 5 minutes to post.

The friend that offered to take my boys Wednesday but I missed it...took them yesterday....super fun for the boys....Siler passed about about 5 and slept all night...CRAZY!

Super blessing for me....I got the entire dance area cleared!!!!! I have a girlfriend coming over Monday morning at 9am to help me get my place ghettofabulous....I hope to not offend anyone saying that and maybe I shouldn't use the word "ghetto" so loosely...

There was this lady that lives in Fort Smith and she used to make this drink....Ghettocinos...like mochas? :P Sooo good...now I use that word for everything fabulous at a fraction of the cost.... so there's that story. :/

I am running out of time and this is not at all where I planned on spending 5 minutes :P LOL!!!!!

My Monday night class got picked up!! Thank you Jesus I am soooo excited!!!!! If all goes as planned...we will be dancing fools in Case de Niccum on Thursday , June 2nd!!!!! and I have beem finding girls interested in coming!!!! My dream for how many I can get in my home keeps growing :) But it's like an INVITE ONLY crowd...everyone will be super fabulous NOT super divas!!! :P LOOVE IT!!!!

Outta time :/ (HUGS!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

:) The ball is rolling :)

I put notice in at my Monday night class...I pray somebody picks it up soon :)

I am going to change the at home class from Tuesday to Monday for about 6 months because Zach's Martial Arts classes are 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday and I cannot get around that...and since my children are top priority over ZUMBA (now, that I have come back to BALANCE)...it's what I have to do :) :) :)

SO! I need my Monday night class taken over..so I can start Zach in lessons....I feel like I am rolling the dice "C'MON BABY MOMMA NEEDS A NEW SCHEDULE!!!" :):):)

I cleared a lot out of the basement..still have about 2 days worth to go...it could be 1 if I could have it without interruption...:P *holding my belly in a jolly laugh* :) :) :)

Actually..I did have one of my ZUMBA girl/sisters offer to take the boys yesterday...but then I ended up in a 2 and a half hour phone call and it was too late to take them because the tornado was a couple hours away so drive time and I know I would have stayed and chatted, because I know me...so...yea...I missed an opportunity..

it's 5:00..gotta go see Mama Joyce :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gewd Mornin'

I never really talked about the "behind the scenes" of Zumba on here...I think you knew, though, that there were frustrations...(as with ANY job)

well, the skating rink where I got my beginning...as of tomorrow night....we will not be having classes there anymore....it is a mutual agreement between the owners and me..so THANKFULLY, there are NO hard feelings :)

I am going to have the girls here in my home...there are just a handful of them so I think it will work :) I am not trying to grow the class here! I think 7 would be a perfect number :) or 6 or 5 :) lol....we'll see how it works out...

ACTUALLY....I don't know if I mentioned it on here...but I have been , pretty desperately, wanting to get Zachary in karate...but the times for his age coincided with Great Skate...I am going to check on the time and see if I can't work it out to be able to take him on Tuesdays and then I can have Alex take him on Thursday...I think this may work out even better than I could have expected :) :) :)

well, I have a TON too do today...I need to get the basement CLEARED out!!! Thank you God that I rented that dumpster when I did...it's not sooooo overwhelming this time around :)

Lots of love and prayers go out to all the victims of tsunamis and tornados....death is so unexpected...:( and those that are left behind without homes and the loss of their loved ones....ugh...I hate my bleeding heart..I shouldn't say that...it's how God created me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Earlier today I asked for prayer for a decision I needed to make...and THAT decision...wasn't THAT big of a deal compared to what I need prayer for now....

A little girl, needs healing. I cannot even tell you what they have found but I can tell you what the world says about it..it can cause brain damage or death....but I know what God says about it...The Battle Belongs to Me...and I have plans for this girl... Please Pray Total Healing for this Sweet Child???

My decision was about a Zumba convention...I signed up in January to attend in July...
Zumba, my job, has overtaken my mind..and I don't like that....
I don't like when I sit down and tell God...you know where my heart and thoughts have been..and though I think about HIM often ..it's still not as much as my "job"...
which then leads me to slacking on my REAL job....my children.

SO! I was thinking about backing out of the convention...since I believe I will be cutting back on my job...I would have to pay a $50 cancel fee and my plane ticket would not be refundable but transferable....
so I was thinking Mike and I could take a super quick trip to El Paso so I could hug my Grandma and see my Dad and his wife....of course there are LOTS of other people I would like to see there but those 3 are top priority...

BUT! When I thought I had made my decision to back out...I went to the convention web page and all my classes I signed up for popped up and then I remembered why I was so excited to go...

I would be learning the things that I don't know...the things that make me spend more hours than I would like, working on Zumba at home....

I am going.

and pray that an opportunity presents itself at another time for Mike and me to go to El Paso. Maybe the whole family...I don't know :)

well, that is that...thank you for your prayer for sweet girl...I can't wait to come back and tell you He has heard and answered our prayer :) :) :) (please pray for peace for Mama....we, as moms, know how we would feel if we heard this news about our children...)


Good Morning. :)
I said I would no longer rant so I just took off :P LOL...Just teasing...Life has been more than fair lately :)

I have got back to physical journaling and I love it...

I have officially forgiven everybody!!!! And it feels fantasic!!!! and it is something to celebrate :) :) :)
I cannot believe how many years I have held on to stupid things....

It just Is What It is...:):):):):):)

Here is what my near future looks like

Today the boys are performing at the church where their pre school is held...I know, already, that they will melt my heart...they are sooo precious!

Tomorrow is their last day of  school...CRAAAAAZY!!!!! They are supposed to have a beach party (weather permitting..and don't get me talking about that :P lol)

Tuesday..Mia has a field trip, I teach ZUMBA at 5..The BIGGEST LOSER FINALE is on!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!! and I am not sure if 'The VOICE' will be airing that night??? Tuesday is my ONLY tv night....

Wednesday...I have been having playdates...they are wonderful...a different set of friends that I will not compare to my original playmates :) but I will say...when you move..it is amazing  to know the people you would have never met, had you stayed where you were...and I know that there is a country full of people I don't know,,,,all living their lives....I guess I have all of eternity to get to know everyone :) :) :)
THEN, I have Bible Study...we are going very slow..and I am ready to get out of the chapters we are in...
though I have learned a lot from the Genesis Bible Study...we are in , I hate to say it..the BOOOORING part..with the names of all the kings and who begot who and yada yada..I guess I should not yada yada the Bible..I'm sorry God.....I will just say that I am looking forward to Bible Study this week :) :) :)
Friday....my dearest and bestest girlfriend's divorce is FINAL....and because I know that God released her from her marriage...it is something that I will celebrate...even my husband is ready for her to find the man that is going to appreciate her and treat her right...(I know, she is not even divorced yet and we are ready for her to marry...but she is made to love, respect, serve to husband and I know that , whoever he is...is going to thank the Lord above that he found her!!!!!!)

Memorial Weekend..I am subbing a Zumba class for someone Saturday morning and other than that....WE ARE COMPLETELY OPEN....I would love to take the opportunity to go to Fort Smith...but......we'll see :)

:):):) Since I was here last....my Sophia turned 18 :) She has fulfilled her dreams of piercings and tattoos already...her eyebrow, her tongue and FAITH on her hip.....
I think of the song "BEAUTIFUL YOU" by Considering Lilies when I think of her. :):):)

We had a birthday party for Sam (turned 9 May 1st), Mia (turned 8 May 16th) and Zach (turning 6 on June 2nd).....yesterday at a skating rink....they were completely blessed by the turnout and the generous gifts...MY GOODNESS PEOPLE OUT DO THEMSELVES!!!! but the gifts are blessings and we are thankful.:)

well, it's 5:30am...I am going to go take a nap :) :) :) and then get everyone up and at 'em for church :) and then, we are RELAAAAAAXING for the rest of the day....I hope to get together with a couple of ladies for coffee later tonight....

and if you are reading this on SUNDAY..please pray that I make a wise decision on something that I am teetering on....I will explain Tuesday when I have made my choice..but I have to make a decision TONIGHT.

Love you and I hope that you are in a good place in your life as you are reading this...
if not...I pray that you will find HOPE and have FAITH until you come out of the situation...and you WILL come out of it :) :) :) :)


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hey friends..I have been here..but I ranted BIGTIME like a fool giving into anger :P so I had to come back and SAVE AS DRAFT.  :) so if you saw it...sorry about that and if you didn't..good :) lol

I am so done ranting..I miss Robbie. Peacemaker Robbie...:)
Life is Great, Robbie
The sugar sweet that makes people's faces go sour, Robbie :P lol


That's all.....I don't know where my blog is going to go from here since it should pretty much be rant free. :P lol

gotta switch the laundry anyway. :) :) :) :) (I wonder how many times I have said switch the laundry in my under 300 post blog :P )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I forgot to tell you that on the way to the Children's performance Sunday...Zach had got this toy from the birthday party he went to..and he stuck his finger in it and it got stuck so bad that when he pulled it off it pretty much removed a lot of skin....I am sure you can imagine how that van ride went..him crying, me crying and trying to not vomit...Mike getting to the nearest Walgreens to purchase guaze and tape...oh my gosh, my sweet son. :/ but we got it taken care of..
when we got to church he had said he didn't want to perform anymore because of his finger but he did go...well, they were all wearing jeans and we had to buy Zach a new pair because he only had one and it had hole,,,,not the "cool" holes. :) I thought I had got all the tags and stickers off but when he was on stage and he would raise his hands in praise..I could see a tag I didn't remove on the front of his jeans..near the belt loop :) :) :) It is what it is :P lol
I hate depression.

and I want World Hunger to end.

Monday, May 2, 2011

it's almost 1:00..

there is a lot that I cannot discuss due to the privacy that one of my daughters requires...but it has a lot to do wiith the beat down..and where my thought about Generation Entitled came from....but after push and pull, all is well once again.

This weekend...Saturday Zach, Mia, Sam had practice in the a.m. I had given Mike his agenda of when he would be picking who up and when...I had my American Heart Association Zumbathon to attend. I couldn't back out because it was me and one other girl and she had our playlists already in sync and ready to go...
Mike gets called into work (yes, on a Saturday...when the server goes down..you gotta go!)..I am like OOHHHH NOOOO! I couldn't dance on stage and watch/protect my children at the same time...AAAHHHH!!!! well, Mike ended up taking Siler with him and all was well.. (for the most part)

I felt so bad for Sam, Mia, and Zach..when the hour started :( They were just sitting in the corner waiting..it looked sooo pathetic...I know they weren't being abused or anything but still...it wasn't in the plans for them to have to go and I didn't have time to pack them anything..no notebooks, DS..nothing! THEN!! when it was my turn to take stage..I was dancing and all of a sudden the crowd started chuckling...Mia had come up behind me and was (goofy) dancing behind me....it was pretty funny...but I had TOTALLY lost my concentration and got lost where we were in the song...it WAS FUNNY!!!! but one of my Great Skate Zumba girls was there and she took them outside for me....I am loving my ZUMBA friend..she is turning into a very sister like friend.....

She actually came to the performance last night at the church...it truly was like having a sister again...and she didn't make fun of one person the way my sister always did...VERY refreshing :D

so after the A.H.A fundraiser (which we make almost $600 and there were about 70 people there)...Mike got home from work and we took the kids to Pizza  Street...
While at Pizza Street we notice bumps all over Zach...they looked awful..not like chicken poxand definitely not mosquito bites...they looked so bad to us..Mike took him to Urgent Care
so while Mike took him...I took the other 3 somewhere else....I have a friend I have had since kindergarten..he mom was always like a mom to me...they live on the same street along with a sister...yes, a mom and two daughters...the mom and the other daughter literally live NEXT DOOR! and it works well for the three of them...GOOD FOR THEM!!! It wouldn't work for many..I don't think?  anyway...they were having a party so I was going to see them...I got lost.

There are some things I know I am not good at and I never forget it....but for some reason, I always forget that I am ABSOLUTELY AWFUL AT DIRECTIONS< NAVIGATING< DRIVING!!!! I seriously get myself all turned around in like mall parking lots...and that would be fine if I would remember these things BEFORE I take off! Samantha was worried we were going to be stuck in the van still driving for her birthday (which was yesterday).....LOOOOONG story , short..I found the house..you would NOT believe the story if I typed it and it would take FOREVER.

Meanwhile..Mike found out, Zach has chiggers. CHIGGERS! There are 8 of us...4 of us used to camp ALL THE TIME...none of us have EVER had chiggers.....but we were glad that's what it was and not some bad disease...his poor body looks really bad.....

then Saturday night was one of those family meltdown nights (SIGH!)

Sunday morning..Sam's big day...she got up and asked me to take her to breakfast by herself...we were in the process of leaving and Mia woke up so she went with us..Cracker Barrel. :) yum.

Sam, then got to go with her Dad alone and they went to Wendy's
I stayed home and did ginormous amounts of laundry :D
Zach went to a birthday party

then we got everyone showered and ready and went to the choir production...


I could go on and on but it's now 10 after 1 and I have to shower, finish my ZUMBA playlist and get ready to pick up the boys, take Alex to work and get ready to teach.

I pray I bring everything these ladies need tonight. Good Time, Great Workout..Energy, Smiles...and God's light :):):)

I was driving home from the grocery store and thinking about this generation...I am not sure what we are on now..X,Y,Z? :P I was thinking Generation Entitled and Disrespectful. :P I guess every generation is disrespectful but the ENTITLEMENT thing drives me bonkers! :P

Then I was thinking about my family...and we are Family Disown.
I disown my Mom
My sister disowns me
My husband disowns one of our daughters

My family is "something else"

I am not ranting..I am just speaking truth...there is truly NO EMOTION behind this except "wow"

I have to get the kids ready for school this morning but if I get the chance to sit down today..I have sooo many things flowing through this head of mine I want to tell you :P