Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's going to seem like a complaint but I am just talking.
I had all the kids get in the shower and take baths (yes, that is a big deal, it's summer..I forget to tell them to do that..I'm honest)..I was all excited that they were clean and somewhat ready for tomorrow morning. (I teach Zumba in the a.m.)
Well, the neighbor knocked on the door asking them if they can play....and I heard him say they were just playing video games so it wasn't like they were headed out to ride bikes or something....
well, as I sat down here to of them came back in and sat next to me and I think the "dog smell" is worse than BEFORE the shower. :/ but I know I KNOW!!!! who cares, they are kids, let them live, blah blah blah...give them baths and make them shower more often so it's not some huge la la....

in sweeter news..I have a precious 4 year old that just came and laid his head on my shoulder as I am typing. Oh precious, he is...( my YODA sentence :P)

This is an old picture...I was searching my pictures to put up a really recent one and Siler saw this and says "wait! Go back! Click on THAT one"

I can't really remember the story behind this was someone's birthday..maybe his? I don't know..I just remember Sophia was babysitting and I came home to this. LOL

oh shoot...I was going to add pictures from this weekend but this is not my laptop!!! DUH!
I know there is a way I can get this Picasa and my Picasa to connect but I am thinking you are probably friends with me on Facebook anyway and have seen all my beautiful children all together again. :):):):) 

Earlier this summer, I was on Focus on the Family IMOM and downloaded a page of 50 things to do this summer....Celebrate Christmas in July was number 16. :P
We are doing it.
Next Wednesday on July 25th
My family will all be together
with a Christmas Tree
a traditional turkey dinner
hot cocoa
and I am HOPING to get our "Christmas" picture :) :) :)

well, it's 9:20...time for my eyes to close :)
Good Night :).

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  1. Thats the Greatest picture i have ever seen!