Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have not been here in months..I feel like I should have some cool opening statement.

I am laying in bed. The boys just got out of the tub and Mike just pointed out that my Zack is getting hair on his legs..:P
I see teen boys everywhere I go and am in denial that my boys will be that big someday. It's a constant reminder to enjoy them NOW.

Mike and I went on a date today. Sophia and Kiley came and sat with the other 4 children.
We went to Cheesecake factory where we both ordered salads of the "skinny" menu. LOL
We went to Macys where I visited the MAC and Lancome counters while he browsed the men's section for shorts. :)
Then we went wine tasting...YUK! Bleh! BLAH! I do not like wine. I have tried several times.I give up. :)

Then, because the 5 wines I tasted..I guess equalled more than I needed...I became somewhat intoxicated and depressed. I am totally smiling now because it was seriously pathetic. So now I am tired (nothing new) and have a headache (also, nothing new) but whatever whatever....that was our date. :)

Came home and watched my Zack on his skateboard. He is getting so good at it. ( and now he is laying here next to me reading what I am typing, out I am going to stop here for now :))

I may be back soon...

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