Tuesday, January 17, 2012

well shooey!

I took two pics today..or at least I thought I did..but when I went to remove the memory card from the camera..it wasn't in there. :/

1 was a picture of my breakfast..my new version of a banana split :)

1 pineapple Greek Yogurt
a handful of fresh strawberries
a banana

mix it all together..and YUM

I did put a little bit of chocolate syrup in one corner to see if I liked it but it actually was not good.

The other picture was a piece of scotch tape that said KICK ME that I found taped to my hardwood floors..Good Times :)

I tackled my laundry room today, on accident...definitely WAS NOT in "the plans"

Hardly slept last night...Sophia has been having LOTS of contractions....I laid with my phone in my hand and any time I dozed off I woke myself to make sure I didn't miss anything. :/ I know I ,at least, got 2 hours sleep...I should go catnap while Siler is playing X-BOX..I have a class to teach tonight and right THIS second, I don't know how I will get through it...but I know I will and I know it will be fun :) and TOMORROW I rest from all exercise :)

Hope your day is lovely....it's sooo cold here  BRRRRRRR!!!!!


  1. its warm here! :) Just rubbing it in. But now that I said that i have to go for a run NO EXCUSES! :) I love all your blog updates and pics now that Im fasting from FB :) Kinda hard I must say and I miss knowing whats going on. But it has made me catch up on blogs and I actually called a few friends I haven't talk to in forever. So bonus I guess! i was thinking of calling you too! :) Love ya!

  2. I am glad for you that it is warm there...(brat! :P)
    Bring some warm weather with you if you visit..which I hope is in the works...
    Did you hear about a certain June wedding in Fort Smith? I hope we get to meet up at it :) :) :)

  3. I did hear but I don't think I will be around. Pretty sure I will be In Oregon then! :) Workin on springbreak still...we will see!!