Friday, January 20, 2012

slick roads..yuk!

It's Friday night..I haven't showered in what feels like DAYS! oh, I guess that makes sense since I taught two classes yesterday and haven't showered since...there probably are things I should keep to myself...!
I hurt myself yesterday at the first sound dramatic but this is how it felt...I felt like I shattered a couple small bones in my foot/ankle/leg area...YeeeeeeeeOUCH! Of course I just keep smiling and dancing through the pain...we instructors believe we are invincible :P
I went ahead and had class last night at my home but I did it with my foot wrapped and no shoe on, to remind myself to NOT JUMP on it...I think we did didn't really start bothering me until like the 3rd to last song and then I stayed off it the rest of the night (hence the no shower thing :P)
Today, I have meant to do many things..shower, laundry, etc....
1.I DID pay bills (I felt like that took me all morning)
2.OH! I did cut Mia's hair 20 minutes before the school bus came...I mean, I was FINISHING it when THE BUS PULLED UP! lol...
3. I tweeted :P
4. I emptied the dishwasher? I am digging for stuff I did
ok..the most important for real....
5. I played with Siler...TOYS....that's what he said..I asked "what are we playing?"" TOYS!"
THEN he got me to play Wii...UGH! I am not a mom that should play Wii..blood pressure raising thinking about it
I did get my camera out to take pictures of him but he turned that into "the RUNAWAY game" He did not want his picture taken today and he would laugh hysterically at me trying to do it..
He also got a kick out of changing Zack's Mii on the Wii...gave him blue eyeshadow eyes and blush and then mean eyes and a beard and then a mustache and all kinds of silly stuff...

Now I am sitting here, dirty and motivation and I really really need to do laundry, for real, no joke....

I ordered the VOLUME 1 of Adventures in Odyssey...I want to start at the very beginning with the kiddos :) Volume 2 is on its way :) I figure, my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren can use them..I'll get them ripped on the computer and hopefully whatever comes after the flash drive will support the cds and mp3 rips :P LOL if not, our family will enjoy them for now :)

Sam is spending the night with a friend
Mia is in the kitchen cooking Kale and Tomatoes with Mike
Zack and Siler are love hate playing together

Alexandria, is somewhere down the street, she said..the roads are sooooo slick (according to Mike)..I wish she was home, where I knew she was safe...but I am sure she is fine

Sophia, last I heard, was doing her MIL's hair...we are 15/16 days away from due you count the day you are on? and do you count the actual day? so today is the 20th and she is due Feb do you calculate? :):):)

well, I have rambled on about who knows what...I have no idea if my want to nap or my need to shower and laundry is going to win...


  1. TWEETED!?! oh i should get on tweeter! would that be cheating from fast??


      Why are you fasting FB anyway??? :)