Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan 15th already! I feel like so much goes on here but I don't have much to report.

I guess I will start with New Year's Eve...I went to get tested for TB for a new job and it is negative. woo woo! :P
New Year's Eve....I did some laundry..I watched something on tv...I can't remember..I think it was Sweet Home Alabama? and I looked over some ZUMBA stuff...I waited for the New York ball to drop and I hit the sack...SO TIRED!
New Year's Day..I attended my first ZUMBA class in 8 was fun but it was exhausting...I didn't feel like raising my arms or dancing with "pep" but I made it through the hour. :)
Monday night I decided I wanted to try another ZUMBA was at 7:45PM! (like my bedtime!) I talked a couple of my girlfriends into going :) It was a SEEEEXXXYYYYY dancer....holy moly I never blushed so much :) but she was AWESOME energy and an AMAZING teacher if you wanna feel SEEEEEXXXXYYYYYY....:D
I taught my first class on Thursday morning the 5th...Totally Bombed. Seriously Bombed. 1.) I needed an oxygen mask..I couldn't breathe..I think I was waaaay overzealous in my playlist...I didn't give us time to breathe in between songs..2.) I am pretty sure I was trying to be someone I am not...I hear all these things about all these instructors that all these people like...and every once in a while, I get caught up in what I hear instead of JUST BEING ME. well, not being me just plain SUCKS. (pardon language ) I taught that night also and was "ok" but anyway..I got two classes under my belt..

Next on my agenda was getting ready for Sophia's baby shower was on Sunday the 8th...My girlfriends, Amy and Marelle..were my lifesavers in many many ways for my shower and I could NOT have pulled it off without them...I was amazed and so grateful for them.
I had waaaay too much food but better more than not enough. :) Sophia is absolutely BEAUTIFUL and Kiley's gifts reminded me of a Mary Poppin bag....they just kept coming and coming...she is truly loved and blessed!

I wish I knew how to attach pictures in this blog because by the time you get to what you are reading...I "hopefully" have the pictures here but you had to get through them to get here? :P
Goal to learn how? so stressful to me. :/

so after Sophia's AWESOME baby mind was FREE  :) It's not that I was super stressed about it..but you know, when you finish just feels good to have it behind you :)

Somewhere between the New Year and the Baby Shower....I did something that just made me GIDDY! I don't remember if I told about our Christmas new TV and XBOX (that is not what excited me!) but since we got a new flat screen, we didn't have a need for the large armoire entertainment cabinet we already I transformed it into my office..LOVE! I hopefully had pictures of that posted :P

I started a brand new ZUMBA class's at a City Recreation Center..and it starts at 7:15 (close to my bedtime) but I wanted to see what it would be like to live the night life once a week. :) SUPER FUN! SUPER DUPER FUN!!!!! I had sooo much fun!!!!!! I can't wait until Tuesday again :)

Choir at church has started up again... Sam and Mia are excited but my boys dropped out.It's okay..they might like it later...and it will be okay if they don't....:)

We had a snow day ..didn't play outside..I got 9 tubes of blood drawn..didn't know how there could be any left after that! Mike and I are trying to lean towards the vegan side of eating...I can handle giving up most meat most of the time..but cutting out yogurt, cheese, butter? um , no. I did give up the WHIPPING CREAM in my coffee. it's not as bad as I thought it would be :) I had starting taking pictures at the beginning of the year of my meals..I didn't tell anyone but I was wanting to make a picture food about accountability :P half the time I am too lazy to go get my camera :P and the other half...I am not eating anything I want to capture :P LOL... far as my family goes....Mike was really stressed at work , this guy had quit making Mike's pile of work that much more...he was having a very hard time finding a replacement..but luckily that guys came back and now Mike can breathe again..Thank you Jesus. :)

I am patiently waiting for my Granddaughter's arrival... Sophia has LOTS of Braxtons and lots of times they are a steady 5 minutes apart and we are sure it's time..but NOT YET :)

Alexandria (my way private one who will probably be totally ticked at me when and if she sees this) is not talking to most of us...expecially Sophia....she did not come to her shower and wants absolutely NOTHING to do with her, or the's devastating to me...but there is nothing I can do about it and I had to remind myself this morning that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD..All relationships can be restored..He can make ALL things New..and if they never talk again..I have to be okay with that. :)

Sam, Mia, Zack, and Siler...all good..they play lots of video games..since we have the XBOX in one room, A Nintendo 64 in another and a Wii in another and can't forget about their DS games..Mom of the Year right here..I am expecting DFS at my door any second...I really should make them do some other activities! Sam and Mia like to YouTube and do craft stuff...Mia made a dress today....they would LOVE to cook with me if I would gather the patience to let them.

I am trying to incorporate more stuff into my life...besides changing our eating habits..I want to run (a little) add come weights (in moderation) and some yoga (I need to stretch this body out!) So far I ran one mile, did 30 minutes yoga and I plan on going to the gym in the morning for a Body Pump class..I haven't been to one in over a should be FUN. :)

well, I have lost track of anything I have said..I feel like I have been typing for hours so I should have covered most everything :P until next time. :)

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